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Everlasting Love (A Jc Caylen Fanfiction)

Already 8 reads?! Wow! Alright well here is chapter 2 people!


*Jc's POV*

We had been sitting in the ambulance for what felt like hours. "Dude look at your hand!" Ricardo yelled. "Wha-oh my god." Embedded in the palm of my hand was a shard of glass. How had I not noticed that before?

"Dude does it hurt?" Ricardo asked. No it's very comfortable I'm gonna keep it there." I responded sarcastically. "I'll get the paramedic." Ricardo opened the door to the ambulance and left.

Cara. Where is she? Are the takings care of her? What if she's dead? What if I did something wrong? No. No no no she isn't dead. She isn't.

Soon a paramedic came in the ambulance and treated my hand. He took out the glass, clean the cut, the stitches and wrapped it. And let me tell you it was not painless. Finally the driver was here and started the ambulance.


It's been hours. Cara went to surgery and her friend is asleep. I never even learned her name.

"Mr. Caylen?"


"Yes?" I quickly stood up.

"You may go see your friend. But she is resting now and will not wake up for a bit. Those girls are lucky you were there. They may not have made it if you weren't. Is there any way of contacting either of their parents?" The doctor told us.

The phone. "Yea I'll call them."I reached into my pocket and unlocked the shattered white iPhone. Luckily there was no combination lock. I searched through her contacts until I found the name "mom." Why was it in quotes?

I clicked the contact and the ringer started. What am I going to say?

"Cara? What's up?"

"Hi, this is Jc Caylen. Cara and her friend were in an accident. They're both fine. My friend and I helped them out. They are both resting in the hospital right now. Cara just came out of surgery."

I could hear sobbing from the other line. "My babies!" She cried.

"Ma'am they are alright. They are at the San Clemente Hospital in California. My friend Ricardo and I are going to stay with them." I calmly said. I couldn't blame her. This was a lot to take in.

"Jc," she sobbed. "Please. Keep them safe. I can't stand to see anything happen to them."

"I will, Ma'am. I'm gonna go see them now."

"Alright, tell them I love them both." She said, choking on her own sobs.

I slid the phone back into my pocket and headed down the hallway with Ricardo behind me. I entered Cara's room, and Ricardo went into her friends.

As I walked in, I almost broke down in tears. Cara's head was wrapped in gause. Her arm was casted, and her legs and face were cut up and bruised. It was almost painful to see. I sat down at her bed side and grabbed her non-casted hand.

*Cara's POV*

Where am I? The last thing I remember was driving on the highway. I felt something covering my head. I wanted so badly to wrap it off, but I couldn't move. I couldn't open my eyes. I couldn't even speak.

Suddenly I felt someone grab my hand. Probably Stacey. "Love please wake up," a manly voice said. Who is that? I must be dreaming. And with that I let the darkness overcome me once again.


This time when I awoke, I could open my eyes. Bad choice. The bright light from the room blinded me, so I quickly shut them.

Slowly I adjusted to the light of the room and opened my eyes. Why am I in the hospital? "Cara?" Jc said. Jc fricken Caylen. What did I miss? "J-Jc?" "Oh so you know who I am?" He responded. "Yea me and my friend love your videos." Stacey.

On the outside I was confused. Well I was confused on the inside and the outside. But inside I was screaming and dancing. THE Jc Caylen was in my hospital room. Wait why am I in the hospital.

"Uhm where is Stacey?" "Oh Stacey? She is in the other room with Ricardo." "Ordieres?" What is going on?

"Yea." Jc responded. "So can I ask, what exactly happened?" I asked.

"Well you were driving a ways in front of us and a truck hit your car. It landed upside down in a ditch. Ricardo and I pulled you guys out of the car. You were knocked out and Stacey was screaming." Jc told me. Oh my gosh. How do I not remember any of this?

"Oh and one other thing. Where is your shirt?" Jc chuckled. "We'll that is your
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