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Mindless Academy My School ( A Princeton Love story ) RATED R❤

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I woke up and stretched and looked at the time Shit only half an hour till first lesson. I climbed down from my bunk to see Lei Lei and Chantelle still asleep.

Y/n: Yall mother fuckers wake up we are late!

Lei: Yo what time is it?

Lei yawned.

Chantelle: I'm sure were not that late.

Y/N: Ya'll bitchez it 8:30.

Chantelle: Holy shit I need to do my make up.

Y/n: You bitch I needed to use the bathroom first, I have dibs and I woke up first.

Chantelle: No you actually didn't have dibs because you didn't say dibs.

Y/n: Ahh fuck dibs.

Lei: You better hurry up because other people need to use the bathroom I aint going into that school Stank.

Y/n: You better hurry up i'm giving 5 minutes.

Chantelle: Don't worry I will.

We all did our hygeine stuff. We changed and put on our make up got the key for our room locked the door and sprinted for the locker hallway. We finally got our books for the morning classes and we sprinted to our first class. We all went to dance with Mr crippen. We got to the ground floor and walked in.

Prod: Hey why yall damn late?

Y/n: Um i'm sorry we all woke up late.

Prod: I dont care if you woke up with motherfucking rapist in your room ya'll are late. You guys got a detention.


Prod: Hell yes darling and dont worry your detentions gonna be an hour longer. 😉

Chantelle looked at him with disgust.

Kenneth knocked on the door while Prod was talking to the class. Prod signaled him to come in.

Kenneth: Hey wassup Prod I have a new student here her name is Shevonne.

Shevoone: Um yeah thanks Mr Crear.

Kenneth: Oh yeah bye the way I need to talk to Lei Lei, Chanetelle and Y/N!

We raised our hands up.

Y/n Chantelle Lei: Right here Mr crear

Kenneth: Ohh there you are this is your new room mate and can you guys help her through school.

Lei: Yeah sure Mr Crear.

Kenneth: Well ill see you guys later. Bye Prod and behave yourself.

Prod: Don't worry kenneth I will.

Kenneth shut the door and left.

Prod: Yeah like thats gonna happen.

Prod: Ok class I have an two assistants here with me today. Chris and star come into the room please.

Chris and star opened the door and came inside.

Chris and star: Hello class.

Class: Hello Mr Brown and Miss Pullins.

(A/N to make it simple in this story so he can date chris is 17 and this school is also a mixed school.)

Chris: Ok everybody get ya self a partner at has to be a one boy and one girl as partners.

Lei, Chantelle & Y/n: Ahh man

The Thots : Igght

Shevoone: Is this bad?

Lei: Bad? This aint bad its a fucking hazard.

Y/n: Lei Lei calm down.

Chantelle: The person who you dont want to go with is Mr Crippen or Mr Brown its the worst they only want a girl for sex and when they pick you it means they want to rape the living shit out of you.

Shevonne looked confused.

Shevoone: But there mindless behavior they dont normally act like that.

Y/n: Please thats television or music this is reality.

I can tell shevonne looked nervous.

I saw jaden walk up to me.

Jaden: Hey Y/n do you wanna be partners?

Y/n: Um yeah sure bye guys.

Chantelle, Shevoonce & Lei: Bye Y/n

I kept on staring at the girls to see who they got.

I saw Dylan walk up to Chantelle and Lei Lei went to Jawan.

(A/n if you want to know who the boys they are Jaden Smith, Dylan Allen and Jawan Harris)

There was only Shevonne left Oh shit that means. (gco)

Prod: Ok who dosent have a partner

Shevonne looked scared as hell she raised her hand.

Prod: Um ok Shevonne.

Shevonne gulped and then walked up to him.

Prod: Ok class were gonna be dancing to Like a Virgin by Chris to see if were gonna show you the choregraphy so girls sit down on the bench or the floor. While we teach the boys.

Me and the girls all sat together on the bench.

Y/n: So um Shevonne you ok?

Shevooone: Yeah i'm fine.

Lei: Um Shevonne just to ask why you a day late to school.

shevoone: I just came back from holiday with my sisters.

Y/n: aww really how old are they

Shevoone: Our age well thats my sister over there.

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Princetonas Mr Perez
Prodigyas Mr Crippen
Roc Royalas Mr August
Ray Rayas Mr Lopez
youas Princetons Girl
Chantelleas Roc Royals Girl
Lei Leias Ray Rays Girl
Shevonneas Prodigys Girl
Keisha Gambleas Principal
Walter Milsap IIIas Deputy Principal
Kenneth Crearas Receptionist
Chris Brownas Mr Brown
Jacob Latimoreas Mr Latinmore
Myles Brownas Mr Brown
Diggy Simmonsas Mr Simmons
Geanetteas Diggys Girl
Angelas Jacobs girl
Kiraas Myles girl
Mikaylaas Jojos girl

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