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Everlasting Love (A Jc Caylen Fanfiction)

Chapter 1. YAAY. Haha enjoy!


"C'mon Cara we don't wanna be late!" Stacey yelled from the kitchen. Of course she's in the kitchen. Man can that girl eat.

Stacey has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. I live with her and her family in San Antonio, Texas. My mother died when I was young from a car accident, and my father disowned me a few years ago. He hated me. He only paid attention to my older sister Brittany. She was his angel. Perfect friends. Perfect grades. Perfect body. I envied her.

But enough of my crappy family history. Who cares? All I know is I am going to Vidcon! Stacey and I have been saving money to fly to California for years. And better, O2L is going to be there. Ahhhhh! Stacey and I have been obsessed with them from the beginning. Jc is my favorite. Stacey's favorite is Kian.

"God hang on we have plenty of time!" I yelled back. "Please I wanna gooooo!" "Alright fine give me a sec." I quickly grabbed my baby blue toms, iPhone, and charger, and ran down the stairs. "Ready sir!" I screamed. Stacey saluted me and we ran out the door.

We were so excited we put all of our bags in the car a week before. I started the car and headed to the airport. This is going to be the best week of my life.


After about an hour of driving and singing, we were finally at the airport. Once we got through security, and were waiting at the gate. "Flight 237 to San Diego is now boarding," the lady on the intercom stated. "This is it babe! Kian Lawley, here I come!" Stacey screamed then ran to the plane.


Finally. California. Here we are. We stepped off the plane and headed towards baggage claim. As we were grabbing our bags, we started to hear screams coming from the opposite side of the room. We turned around to see none other than Jc Caylen and Ricardo Ordieres.

"Stacey," I whispered. "Stacey look," she still didn't hear. "STACEY," I yelled in her ear. "WHAT?!" She screamed back. Woah. "Stacey turn around." She looked at me skeptically, then slowly spun around.

I swear her jaw hit the ground. She quickly spun back around. "Ohmygodit'sthem. Holy crap. Doilookgoodholycrap." "Stacey slow down." I thought she was gonna stop breathing or something.

Jc and Ricardo quickly grabbed their bags and left the airport. Me and Stacey grabbed ours and headed to the rental car dealer. We got our keys and found the car.


"I think we're lost." Stacey said. "Stace we're on the highway. We're not lost." I replied. "I know I just wanted to say that." "Wow Stacey."

We had been driving for a while on the highway, headed for the hotel near Vidcon. Stacey has been shaking because of the incident in the airport. She would giggle sometimes, which caused me to crack up. She was a crazy fangirl. Not saying I wasn't. I definitely was. I just knew how to keep my cool.

We were about to take an exit of the highway, when suddenly an 18-wheeler truck spun out of its lane and crashed into us. The last thing I remember was spinning off the road and hitting the guard rail. Then everything went black.

Jc's POV

What did I just watch? I was vlogging in the car with Ricardo, and we were talking about Vidcon and meeting up with Kian and Sam.

We had been driving for about an hour, when this huge truck spun out and smashed into someone's car. "Ricardo stop!" I screamed. He slammed his foot on the breaks and the car behind us slammed into our back bumper.

My camera flew into the backseat. The airbags went off and pushed me up against the seat. I grabbed Ricardo's keys and jammed them into the airbags. "Jc are you ok?!" Ricardo yelled frantically. "Yeah yeah I'm fine. You good?" I was rushing. "Yea what's wrong?" Ricardo was oblivious. Maybe he shouldn't be driving. Not very observant.

"Did you not just see that truck?" I yelled. "Yea I did, but it wasn't in the way, I was just gonna drive past dude. What's the problem?" "Oh I don't know maybe the car flipped over the guardrail?"

I jumped out of the car and over the cars stopped in front of us. I sprinted over to the car upside down in the ditch. I sprang over the guardrail and crawled down near the passenger windows.

There in the car were two girls. They looked pretty familiar, but I'm not sure. The
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