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Ikaw Pala


“Tita, I'll go ahead."

"Xian, thank you for taking Kim home.”

"Tita, you don't have to say thank you. I kept telling you that I don't mind. Besides, it's all part of my job as her personal assistant.”

“No,” Kim's mom shoo her head. “She has a driver and her road manager. They can easily take her home, especially since our house is out of the way from yours."

"Eh, tita, I wouldn't be appeased anyway if I don't personally know that she is home safe and the only way I could do that is by bringing her home myself."

"Kaya naman mas panatag ang loob ko. Thank you."

"You're welcome."

“Oh, be careful driving, okey?”

“Yes, tita,” he nodded before he gave his boss' mom a quick peck on the cheek.

“Uhm, ma,” Kim finally spoke. “I'll just walk him back to his car, okay?”


“Good night, tita.”

“Good night, Xian.”

“Kim, you know you really don't need to walk me back to my car,” Xian said right after Kim closed the door behind them.

“You think after that thank you speech my mom just gave you, she would let me not walk you back to your car?”

Xian smiled.

“Sige na nga.”

“So what's your plan this weekend?” Kim asked just as they reached his parked car in front of her house. “I mean first weekend off after a very long time. Dapat bongga ang plans mo.”

“Are you sure that you don't need me this weekend?” He asked skeptically.

Kim rolled her eyes at her friend. “Xian, I'm going to Cebu with my family for my cousin's wedding. Seriously, I don't think I will be needing a personal assistant there,” she assured him.

They met when Xian was doing an internship with Star Studio for his Entertainment Management course thesis. He was actually assigned as Kim's road manager's assistant but at that time, it was actually Kim who needed an assistant so it was decided that she gets Xian instead.

Admittedly Kim was rather wary about the set up, especially because of the she's from Venus and he's from Mars situation, you know, privacy, modesty.

“What if I need help putting on make up or worst getting dress?” She asked her road manager, Tata, right after they told her the news.

“Then I'll help you,” Tata replied.

“What if you're not there,” obviously, Kim was not sold on the idea.

“Then your new personal assistant will go find someone that can help you. Besides it'll be temporary. When he's done with his internship, then we'll get you an assistant that from Venus too.”

That was three years ago.

Now, Xian works directly under Kim. She was so impress with Xian that she hired him right after he graduated to become her permanent PA slash body guard. He was focused, diligent, efficient, organized that he was like an Android and iPhone rolled into one. Also, as it turned out the whole Venus and Mars thing worked to her advantage as she has the best of both words when it came to opinions and advices. They also clicked that it really didn't take that long for them to be very good friends. And then there's her mom, for some strange reason, her mom has a strange affinity to him.

“I'm just saying …”

“Well, I'm just also saying that instead of worrying about me, worry about you for once and plan something grand for the weekend.”

“Well, I do have a plan,” he said, scratching his head.

"Ows? Ano?" She asked curiously as she crossed her arms over her chest and leaned against the hood of his car.

Following Xian, he too rested against his car. "Well, for starters, sleep."

"Sleep? That's it? Xian you do realize that this might not happen again after a very long time what with the holidays coming up."

"Well, I don't know about you boss, but I think sleeping in on a Saturday is in fact a grand plan. I mean, I've been working on two hours a night sleep for the past couple of days because of your tapings."

"First, you call me boss again and I will smack you, and second, although I do agree that sleeping in is grand, and I feel a little bit guilty that you're not getting your beauty sleep because of me, come on Xi, you have to tell me there's more."

Xian just laughed. His boss was certainly born to be an actress what with all her love of theatric monologues. "Okay, if you must know, I thinking of taking my family out to eat, it's been awhile since I've spent time with them."

“Awwww. That's nice,” she smiled. “So okay, we have sleeping …”

“Which is the top priority,” Xian interrupted.

“Okay, top priority… wait over family?”

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