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Naruto Shippendun


I'm Safira. Some people call me Safira of the flames because of my fire jutsu. I also have wind nature chakra that I can combine with my fire to create new jutsu like fire tornados. My scarlet hair reflects sunlight and my green eyes are always glowing. There's also the fact I collect headbands from hidden villages.


I go into hidden villages and convince them accept me in their academy then I earn a headband and leave. I sneak out as soon as I get a headband. I guess that sounds scum but there is always something different in every academy to learn, like some academies focus on genjutsu while others focus on tai or ninjutsu.


Since I'm always on the move I don't have many possesions. I carry around a little backpack to hold the headbands and a little extra food and water.


My mother's necklace is always around my neck. It's a sleek black thread with a claw shaped gem in the center. The gem is green and when I am pushed to the limit (which isn't often, I only remember it happening twice) it starts to glow and release a green light. It calms me down and steadies my attack, but after it happeneds I get exausted enough to land in the hospital. I remember my mother telling me to never take it off since it was very special. I never take it off, not even while I'm sleeping and surprisingly it never chokes me.


Anyway now I'm in a little village. It isn't big and it doesn't have it's own headband but it does have places to stay at night.


This village is apparently a pretty popular tourist spot because of it's natural beauty. Past the walkways and building there is a fresh green meadow dotted with flowers and a shimmering lake. There are also a few cherry blossom trees with benches under them.


It isn't long before I come across a place to stay at overnight. I walk in and go to the receiption. The lady behind the desk turns and smiles. I order a room and she gives me the keys after noting my name and the date I came at. My room is upstairs in the right hall, room 221 . The lock clicks open with the key and I push the door open.


After freshening up I decide to open the window and let in some air. Bad idea. Now the floor is covered in cherry blossom petals. I close the window and think of a plan. My best idea is to suck them into a mini tornado and relieve the jutsu outside the window.


After thats done I lye back in the bed and think about the next closest hidden villages. There are two that are both a five day trip from here. One is Sunagakure, the village hidden in the sand and the other in Konoha, the village hidden in the leaves.


It would have been easier if they hadn't changed their Kages. The leaf's Hokage, Lady Tsunade is medical ninja with crushing strength. The sand recently got a new Kazekage but I haven't heard much about him except that he is a powerful ninja who saved Suna from an Akatsuki attack.


The Akatsuki aren't to be taken lightly from what I hear. They are on the hunt for tailed-beasts. Extremely skilled rouge shinobi that opperate in pairs. I heard they have an Uchiha with them.


I don't have anything personal against the Uchiha clan but I don't like them either. They have I'm-too-good-for-you attitudes.


Anyways, back to the main point. Where to go? Suna or Konoha. Leaf or sand. I'm really curious about the sand's Kazekage. To be honest I often find myself wondering what he looks like. Is he young or old? Most Kages are older so the youngest he could be is around 20.

And Lady Tsunade is pretty old but she has a jutsu that makes her look young. I wonder what she really looks like. Either way, I'm facing even odds of not being welcomed in. I guess I'll go to the closer one.


I need a map. I pop up off the bed and swing my bag on. I'm not risking these headbands getting stolen. After going back to the recieption I ask for a map. The lady gives me two. ''Thanks.'' I say with no sign of emotion. After laying them out I find that Suna is closer by 7 miles. Sunagakure it is.


At night I figure the wind must have died down so I open the window. I have a little habit of keeping the door closed and the window open. I go to sleep with the cool fresh air replacing the stale air in the room.

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