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Tinkerbell and the Fire Fairy (Fanfiction)


Tinkerbell and the Fire Fairy


It was a nice, sunny day in Pixie Hollow. Tinkerbell and her friends were helping Fawn round up the lost bunnies. ''That's the last of them!'' Fawn announces. *haha* ''Did you hear that?'' Tinkerbell asks. ''Yea, it sounded like a baby's laugh!'' says Rosetta. ''Oh Tinkerbell, you've never seen a fairy's birth have you?'' asks Silvermist. ''Uh...well, no.'' answers Tinkerbell. ''Then what are we waiting for?'' asks Fawn, flying towards the pixie dust tree. The others follow.


They watch as Vidia guides the dandelion puff to the dust tree. Terence flys over it and sprinkles some pixie dust. A beautiful young fairy sits up. She has long fuschia pink hair and big imperial purple eyes. ''Hello!'' some fairies call out. ''Hello...'' says the new fairy. Her voice is smooth, soft and silvery.


A sparkling golden light comes through the leaves. ''Queen Clarion!'' says a fairy. The light combines with two other sparkling lights and reveals a tall and beautiful queen. ''Born of laughter, clothed in cheer. Happiness has brought you here.'' she says, gesturing around her. ''Welcome to Pixie Hollow! I trust you found your way alright.'' ''I think so...'' replies the new fairy. Queen Clarion laughs and says, ''Now lets see about those wings.'' She flys behind the fairy and brings life into her wings, then she offers her a hand. The new fairy takes it and flutters into the air. The queen helps her get used to her new wings then the fairy gently lands back on the tree. ''Thank you!'' says the fairy. ''You're most welcome!'' replies the queen, lifting a hand. Some toadstools pop up around the new fairy. Queen Clarion nods and Silvermist sets a dewdrop on one of the stools. Iridessa places a ball of light and Rosetta adds a flower. So on and so on all the toadstools are filled. ''What are these for?'' asks the fairy. ''They will help you find your talent.'' replies the queen. ''But how?'' asks the fairy. ''You'll know.'' says the queen.


The new fairy approaches the little tornado created by the fast flying fairies first. She gently reaches out for it but the tornado vanishes. A worried look appears on her face, but a smile and nod from Queen Clarion clears it.


Next she reaches out for the ball of light but like the tornado, it vanishes too. She continues and tries almost everything but nothing works. The last one is a dewdrop from the water fairies. Carefully she inches towards it and holds out a finger. The tip of her finger contacts the water. It drops. She steps back and puts her hands over her mouth. That was the last talent! All the other fairies gasp or cover their mouths too. Everyone looks to Queen Clarion. The queen is surprised but she replaces the surprise with a calm smile and says, ''It's alright little one. You'll find your talent when the time is right.'' The queen flys down next to the new fairy and adds, ''Don't worry, you'll find your talent soon. Is there anyone who would like to show her around?'' ''Oh me! Queen Clarion, I'd like to show her around!'' says a voice. The new fairy turns to find a little blonde fairy in a green leaf dress flying out of the crowd. ''Thank you Tinkerbell. And farewell, Safira.'' says the queen before leaving.


''Hi Safira, I'm Tinkerbell!'' exclaims the blonde fairy. ''Hey Tinkerbell.'' replies Safira. ''Are you ready for your tour of Pixie Hollow?'' Tinkerbell says energetically, swinging an arm and laughing nervously. ''I...I guess.'' Safira replies. ''Come on, I'll show you the Acorn Summit, and the Sunflower Gully, oh and of course Cottonpuff Field! That's where Tinker Nook's is, my home.'' '' where are we going first?'' Safira asks. ''Hmm...let's see. Let's go to Acorn Summit! It's really nice there, I'm sure you'll like it!'' answers Tinkerbell. ''Alright.'' Safira agrees.


Safira's POV

Tinkerbell is taking me to see a place called Acorn Summit. She says that's where the fast flying fairies live. I can feel the cool breeze in the air and the leaves are dancing around in all different colors. There's red, orange, brown and a little bit of green too.


Tinkerbell was right, I do like it here. ''Hey look out!'' someone shouts. I swoop down, out of the way. Just in time too. That sparrow man almost flew into me. His crimson hair sways in the breeze. He stops for a moment and I see his shining emerald green eyes. Then he flys away as fast as he came.

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