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"Uh..." Was all I managed to say. I was laying on top of Cameron on my bedroom floor, my pets sprawled over various places on our bodies. Oh, and my shirt was rising up my stomach.

"Hello." Cameron gave a small wave of his hand and I grimaced. He could've just stayed lying on the floor, maybe pretended to be knocked out, or dead. 

"Um...hi?" It came out more of a question. Hayley looked between us, before reaching down to help me up. I scrambled upwards, only to trip over my own feet and land with a thump on Cameron. My best girl friend pulled me up by my arms, the strain on her face as she clenched her teeth, showing her silver and pink braces. 

"God Farrah, how much do you weigh?" Hayley panted, before pulling me to my feet. 

"Not that much." I huffed. "Rolo was...holding onto my ankle."

"What a lie. Tut tut, Farrah Chambers." Cameron grinned, pushing Rolo off of him and standing up.

"Farrah he hurt Rolo!" Hayley frowned.

"Um..." I dithered between telling Cameron off or telling Hayley to just shut up.

I decided to tell Cameron off.

"Don't you dare hurt him!" I cried at Cameron, swatting him. 

"I didn't." Cameron puzzled. "He's fine, see?"

Rolo was rolling on the floor like a mad dog on a high.  I sighed, trying not to laugh at him. 

"He could be having a fit!" Hayley declared. She pointed a finger at Cameron. "And it's his fault."

"He's not having a fit." Cameron scoffed at her. He looked at Rolo, who was now on his tummy, looking at his nose, cross-eyed. I remembered back to the first day I met Cameron. I was bathing Rolo, and he was pulling the exact same face. I had a bad feeling- I begged silently to anyone and anything in the sky, to not let anything unfortunate happen to me that day. 

"He could've. Tell him, Farrah." Hayley prodded me. I swallowed. I didn't want to upset either friend. And Cameron had been a better friend to me recently than Hayley had. I noticed she couldn't look Cameron in the eye and looked at the floor instead. 

"Uh..." I stammered. "Yeah. You should maybe, um, go now Cameron. Girl time." 

"Oh." Cameron pouted. "Okay."

"Bye." I said rudely. He smirked, but wouldn't look me straight in the eye. 

"Goodbye Farrah Chambers." Cameron saluted me before he sloped out from my room, my house, my street. Oops.


"Thank God he's gone." Hayley beamed, flicking her short brown hair over her shoulder. "We haven't hung out in ages!"

"A few days." I muttered.

"I barely see you anymore." Hayley continued as if she hadn't heard me.

"Um, you were glaring at me and telling me how I was turning into Cameron last time we hung out." I reminded her.

"Well, let's just forget it." Hayley shrugged. "I was being over the top because I was worried about Riley. Oh my God! How could I forget? Riley wants to talk to you- we should so go see him."

"He wants to talk to me? Yay!" I cheered. "I've never gone so long without talking to my best friend!"

Hayley raised her eyebrows at me. "Best friend?"

"Best guy friend." I corrected myself. 

"Oh, okay!" She giggled. "I think he's at work. Let's go!"

"Awesome, lemme just tell mom." I nodded, racing downstairs to the kitchen. Hayley bounded down behind me, waiting in the living room. 


"Hey Farrah, was it okay I let Hayley upstairs? I knew you guys fell out so..." Mom wondered.

"It's fine. We're just going down to SAVE-AN-ANIMAL to see Riles." I smiled. "He wants to talk to me again."

"Aw well that's great, honey." Mom said enthusiastically. "Maybe you could have lots of people over for a slumber party?"

"I dunno..." I trailed off. "We've only just become friends again, really."

"Hey Miss Chambers." Hayley magically appeared in the kitchen next to me. 

"Hello, Hayley. You wanna to sleep over tonight?" Mom offered. I loved my mom, but she always tried to be so friendly with my friends. She always said hi to them, offered them to come to our house, call her by her first name. It was okay sometimes, but in awkward situations like this...

"Oooh yay! We can have a movie marathon!" Hayley squealed. 

Movie marathon? Ew, cliché.

"You could invite Riley too." Mom added. Unlike some mom's, mine was not worried about inviting boys over to stay the night. Probably because I'd done in a million times before and had still not been kissed. 

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Zoella (Youtuber)as Farrah Chambers
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