5-It's Not A Dream Anymore

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*Two Weeks Later*

Kellin's P.O.V.

"Kellin!!! Kellin!!!" September jumped on top of me and started jumping on my bed "Wake up, you lazy ass!!!" I ignored her, which was a bad idea "KELLIN QUINN BOSTWICK GET UP IN THIS MOMENT IF YOU DON'T WANT ME TO CALL JACK AND JUSTIN!!!"

"Okay! Okay! I'm up." I said scratching the back of my head.

"Get up c'mon!" she said trying to pull me up.

"What's the matter?!"

"Today is the day, Kellin!!! You're auditioning for the label today!"

"Oh! Yeah, that's right!"

"Yes it is. Now put a shirt on and go downstairs."

"Could you throw me a shirt?"

"NO! You get up an take it by yourself. That's why God put arms on you."

"Septembeeer." I whined

"NO." and she left

I sighed and then I smiled. After about two minutes of thinking, I finally got up. If I was going to meet the label today, I had to dress just as myself. I picked black skinny jeans with some ripped parts, a T-Shirt that said 'Imma Be Luvd' a black beanie and black toms. I just picked a bunch of bracelets and my usual necklace that said 'They say that love is forever'. September had the other half, even though it wasn't a heart. It was shaped like a music note. Half of it was mine, the other half was September's. Her's said 'Your Forever Is All That I Need'. Pretty corny, but amazing too, I mean that's the song that gave me strength to kiss her.

When I was done, I went downstairs. Everyone was there, even Hayley. She appeared at our house every morning somehow.

"Good morning Sleeping Beast." said Jack.

"Hello, dick." I responded. We talked to each other like that all the time.

"Hey," I simply said to September giving her a fast kiss on the cheek. Then I sat down at he kitchen table. "What are we eating?"

"Hayley made pancakes," said Justin "and they are fucking delicious." he winked at Hayley

"Nice try, ass." she replied giving me some pancakes.

"I thought I was the ass." I said with my mouth full of pancakes.

"Yes. Kellin's the ass, Jack's the dick, Jesse is the butt, Gabe's zombie, and Justin is the bitch" said September as it was a normal comment.

"Awww.. I wanted to be the zombie!" Jack whined.

"Well, too bad 'cause I'm the zombie!" Gabe said proudly. My friends are hella crazy, but I love them.

I finished my pancakes. I sighed "Those were actually really good."

"Well, if you are done we should leave now." Jesse suggested.

"Yup!" I said while standing up.

"Hey, I wanted to go to dye my hair a different color today, and maybe get a piercing." September commented.

"I wanted to get a new hair color too." Hayley said.

"Do we have to go with you?" asked Gabe.

"Well, you could get some tattoos. I don't know." said September going in the back of the van. I went next to her.

"That's actually a good idea." said Jesse while entering the driver's seat "I want a new tattoo."

"We'll go after the audition. What about that?"