Lost my virginity to my dad

"Dad I'm not feeling so well, I've been throwing up all day I think it's from that orange juice, it went bad 2 days before I drank it yesterday."
"Here are the keys go to the doctor and get yourself checked out"
"Thanks bye"
I checked myself into the hospital and patiently waited on a chair in the lobby that smelled like latex.
Damn my stomach is killing me.
Just then a short and pudgy blonde lady yelled out "Allison Wood?"
"Oh that's me" I said in a shaky voice.
"Follow me"
The lady led me into a small examining room wear there was a doctor sitting in a blue rolling chair.
She nicely introduced herself as Doctor Chevi.
We shook hands and she asked me what has been bothering me lately.
I told her about how my stomach has been killing me that I've thrown up 12 times today.
She asked me a lot of the usual questions like
Do you smoke?
Do you take drugs or medications?
Have you been dizzy?
A little
Have you had any intercourse lately?
Last night
Come here dear, take this test and go into the bathroom, these results are very important.
I grabbed the test an realized it was a pregnancy test. There is no way I'm pregnant because my dad used a condom! This lady is crazy.
I took the test and as I waited for the results to show on the tube I was very anxious.
Two lines appeared on the test.
This isn't happening.
I can't have a baby! I'm only 17!
Sure I lost my virginity to my dad.
But I can't support a baby with him!
I need to have an abortion!
I walked out to the doctor am apparently she had heard my sniffles because she grabbed me into a hug. She handed me her business card and told me to call her cell anytime I needed help.
Should I keep the baby? My dad is gonna freak.
Abortion or should I keep it?
Should she get an abortion or keep the baby?
You guys need to tell me!
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