Justin Pov:

"now tonight i'm doing something different".I said to my fans."When I sing one less lonely girl,my family will pick out one lucky girl that i will sing too tonight".The crowd went wild."here we go!"i screamed.As i was singing one less lonely girl,a beautiful red hair girl came on stage."Whats your name?"i asked her."Ariana Grande"she said back."well you are certainly beautiful"i said back.As i was coming to the last line of the song,i glanced at her and i froze.My mind and mouth wouldnt move.I dropped the mic and ran backstage."Hi justin!"said my girlfriend Selena Gomez."hey! i dont feel to well"i said to her,as i closed the door behind me.

Ariana Pov:

The security team lead me backstage and told me to take a seat.As i was putting my roses down that justin gave me,I saw his girlfriend Selena Gomez,coming towards me,"hi im...,i started to say."i know who you are Ariana" Selena said."im telling you,if you go near justin i will hurt you with all of my might" Selena said."hey!" justin said as he walked out of his dressing room with a water bottle in his hand."i see you guys met!"he said."yea" i said sounding fussy."Well i have to go to LA now"said justin."what about the show?" i asked."Its canceled" he said."ooh" i said sadly."but if you ask your parents,you can go on tour with me!"justin said."WHAT!"me and selena both scremaed."yea" said justin."My parents said yes"! i screamed."good!" justin said."Well let's go" said Justin as he put his arm around my neck."What about me?"Selena asked."oh yea,you can sit behind me and ariana"said justin.As me and justin walked to the private plane,i turned around a Selena gave me a dirty look.