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one direction dirty imagines!!!


Hewo!! I’m just saying that I write these imagine just for fun so if you are under 13 or you find sexual content offensive, don’t report this, just don’t read it. I just write them for fun :)hope you like it and Enjoyyy......

 You’re lying in bed, late at night. You toss and turn but you just can’t fall asleep. Then a bunch of thoughts run through your mind. Wow niall is really hot! He’s so gorgeous why I can’t have him. I wish I could get to know him. Wait what! What am I thinking! He’s the school nerd!  Do I like him? Nah I don’t like him. Yes I do! Shut up brain! You were thinking it over for hours. You finally fall asleep and by the time you were up the next morning, you had come to the conclusion that you were in fact in love with Niall Horan. The school nerd.  But you didn’t mind. You couldn’t care less how awkward he was, he was nice, hot, and well….Niall.

“Uuugghhh crap! I have school!”  You said to yourself. So you get changed into your uniform and got ready for school. You drove to school and had a pretty boring day. “Yes! I have history now!” it was last lesson for the day but you knew that niall would be in your history class so you were exited.

*In class*

Wow he’s so perfect! He’s beautiful blue eye behind those think glasses, he’s amazing blonde hair! Wow!

“Miss Y/L/N (your last name)!” your teacher Mr Peters said, interrupting your daydreaming about niall.  “Oh sorry Mr P what was the question?”

“I said you will be partnering with Mr horan for your history assignment!” he said, a bit frustrated. “What? No!” you said, still shocked that you were partnering with your nerdy crush. “Is there a problem with that choice that you would like to share with the class miss y/n?!” “Oh umm uh no Mr P”  “good, then you should have no problem with starting your research with him now?” “Uh no sir” you said, looking over at him, only to see him staring at you. He was blushing slightly when he saw that you looked at him.

You walked over to him and sat in the empty seat next to him. “Uh I guess we should get started then?” you asked him. “Uh um y-yeah we uh we sh-should.” He stuttered. Aww cute! You thought.

*school bell rings*

“Damit we hardly started and it’s due on two day!” you said. “Well do you mind if I could maybe come over after school to finish this?” you added.  “Ummm I guess s-so u-um if that’s uh alright with y-you.” he said nervously. “Great”.

You arrive at Nialls place and get out of the car. You walk in and out your bag down. “Wanna drink Y/N?” he asks. “Nah I’m fine niall. But I’d love to see your room if that’s ok?” you ask cheekily. “Um yeah that um fine” you and niall sit down on the edge of the bed and spread the homework pages out on the bed. As you leaned over him to get a sheet of paper you “accidentally” brushed your arm on his package. You saw him jump a bit but you didn’t care. As you pulled your arm back again to bring the paper back to yourself you rested your arm there for a little bit longer. You heard him moan slightly and you smiled to yourself. “I uh…..havetogotothebathroom!” he spilled out. You didn’t think much of it and let him go. After about ten minutes, you got a little curious to why he wasn’t back yet. So you walked to the bathroom, only to hear moaning coming from inside. “Mmmm ah Y/N! Ahhh uhhhh!” what the hell!? You thought and walked in, as the door wasn’t locked. You walked in and saw niall standing there, pumping himself. As soon as he realised you were there, he instantly pulled his hands out of his pants with a very guilty look on his face.

He’s eyes were filled with embarrassment behind those thick black rimmed glasses he wore.  “Niall, baby it’s alright.” He still looked as if he were about to cry of embarrassment. “I-I can explain Y/N.” he blurted out. “Niall, its ok. I don’t mind” you reassured him. But before he could answer, you crashed you lips on his. At first he didn’t respond because he was too shocked, but then, he started to kiss back. You pushed him into his room and onto his bed. You then tried to lift of his shirt but he stopped you. “Why not baby?” you asked innocently. “I umm….I c-can’t do this y/n.”

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