Saved...By A Vampire? What Will Happen To My Life Now?


Hey guys for all the comments to slow down-yeah, yeah, I know. This is like the first story I ever wrote so it's a bit sloppy and stuff like that. But you do have to admit it gets better! :P Sorry like I said. So, stop commenting bout that please? haha thanks. :)


I was in my room. I was listening to screamo music. Then my mom started yelling, "Serena if you don't get down here in one second..." "Yes mother." I said in a disdainful tone that my mother just yelled back, "Get down here right now! You never talk to your mother that way!" I went downstairs at a slow pace. When I finally got down there, she started hitting me till she heard dad get home. Great. Just great. My dad was abusive ever since I was a kid and still is. My mom was never abusive until my brother died 5 years ago. That was what set her off. They both got more aggressive when I entered high school especially. My dad walked into the door just then. He looked tired. One glance at me and he said, "Give it a rest, Marlene. I'm too tired to join in so just wait until tomorrow." I had forgotten that dad didn't abuse me if he was tired. Abusing me was like a hobby to him. Mother backed off and followed him into the bedroom but gave one last glare at me. Then she smiled and went into the bedroom and closed the door. I was about to think of everything that just happened when my stomach growled. Ugh. Stupid human needs! I went into the kitchen and made myself a bowl of soup. It was chicken noodle soup. My brother's favorite. They must not have known that because they never have anything in this house that reminds them of him. Only one thing, actually. Me. My brother looked a lot like me even though he was 2 years older than me, making him a 17 year old this year. I went to the bathroom and examined myself. Nothing serious. I put some bandages on and went to bed. I awoke to something hard hitting me. My mom. She dragged me down the stairs and into the kitchen to where my dad was. They started beating me until mother suddenly looked thoughtful. She got up, went to the kitchen, and came back out with a knife. Father, looking seriously shocked, got up and did the same thing. They were both coming towards me now. I tried to get up but then I heard a voice and a pale guy with brown hair and pale emerald green eyes with a sincere look in them came into my view. He was crouching right in front of me. "Would you like me to save you from this? But if I do, you have to become one of my kind, a vampire who drinks blood, and stay with me. Would you do that?" he asked looking curious. When I didn't answer he asked, "Are you afraid?" I immediately responded with, "No," "Take me away," and I was in his arms, facing my mother and father. "What the heck do you think you are doing? And who are you?" My father shouted it at him. He simply said, "I'm saving your daughter from this lifestyle. I am taking her with me and this was her decision. I am leaving now, Mr. And Mrs. Leige." And then he was running in the forest in our backyard. I was bewildered at how we were already here, but, then again, he was a vampire and I would soon become one of his kind. Even though this thought made me wonder what the future would be like, I was happy to go with him. I liked him. He actually treated me nicely, so far. I snuggled into his chest because of the cold and was happy. "My name is Justin and I will be with you as long as we both shall live, I hope you know that." I nodded, mesmerized by his voice. It was I guess you could say. I started think about what will some in the future and then became exhausted. I in his arms I fell into a dreamless sleep...~~~

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