Niall Horan Imagines

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#imagine Niall giving you a piggy back ride and you kiss him everytime he stops.

#imagine cuddling with Niall in the blanket while watching a movie.

#imagine Slow dancing with niall, his arms around your waist and yours around his neck.

#imagine going golfing with niall and you don't know what to do, he wraps his arms around you and teaches you how to golf.

#imagine kissing niall in new year.

#imagine niall walked behind you and holds your waist and kiss your cheek while you're making breakfast.

#imagine niall sneaking into your bedroom while you're sleeping and crawling into your bed.

#imagine you and niall walking in the park, holding hands and gave you a soft kiss.

#imagine you and niall watching a horror movie and cuddling.

#imagine laying on the floor with niall watching the stars, he gives you a kiss on your forhead: "i love you".

#imagine going to the cinema with niall with his arm around your shoulder and your head on his.

#imagine niall wearing a t-shirt with "I LOVE (Y/N)" written on it to a signing.

#imagine running in the rain with niall, you both stop in the middle of the street and he kisses you.

#imagine having a fight with niall, he hugs you:"i'm sorry babe, don't be sad".

#imagine niall runs his hand on your hair while you're laying on his chest.