Devil of a Ghost Tour

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This story is dedicated to my family, friends,and all the ghost hunters out there. I had tons of

help with this and I appreciate everything!Couldn't have done it without you. <3 Coral


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His black robe billowed out around him,exposing the red satin lining. In one hand he held a wand made from hazel wood, polished and consecrated in blood; in the other hand was a ceremonial knife with a black hilt. Both were engraved with the symbols of his faith.

Shoulders relaxed, feet slightly apart, drawing air in through his nose and releasing it with a soft whistle, he spoke: “O Sadai, most holy and most powerful, vouchsafe to consecrate and bless this circle to contain the demon I am about to invoke. O most holy Sadai, to whom be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen.” He drew a circle with his knife on the dirt floor, still speaking: “I invoke and conjure Thee....” The point scratched through the fine sand and rocks as he carved a large outer circle and then an inner circle, filling the space between the two with ceremonial writing. “Choronzon, appear forthwith. Show thyself to me....” He drew three obtuse triangles and continued the writing at the corners and insides of the triangles. “Choronzon, come and do not tarry; Choronzon come, fulfill my desires; persist unto the end, according to mine intentions.”

He stood in the center and waited.


Lynn and Lee Hoyt parked their car as the sun shot its last fading rays across Cleveland Square in front of the El Paso Downtown Library. Lynn pulled Lee along at a brisk pace even though she was the one who almost always made them late.

Two men, dressed in black, approached them as they drew near and introduced themselves as the tour guides, Hector and Marcos. Both wore t-shirts with the El Paso Ghost Tours logo. Hector motioned for them to join the other couples of various ages and persuasions standing around a park bench.

“Tell me again why we're here?” Lee asked.

“I went on one of these ghost tours in Charleston. They tell you the history of the city and point out the famous buildings, plus elaborate on any local, popular ghost stories,” Lynn answered.

“Great. You, me and a history lesson. You know how much I hate this stuff. Wait? When were you in Charleston?”

“Believe it or not, I did a lot of things before we were married.”

“That's not my fault.”

Lynn playfully slapped his arm, “It was a lot of fun and we can always start season four of Pawn Stars tomorrow night.”

“So, that means there are no real ghosts on this tour? What a rip-off.”

Lynn nudged him with her elbow as they approached their first stop – the library itself. She listened as Hector told numerous ghost stories about the library, which opened in 1904 and was built on top of an old military cemetery. Hector and his investigators even experienced a book falling off a shelf for no apparent reason while trying to do an EVP session.

“For those of you that don't know,” Hector informed the tour group, “EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena. Basically, you catch something on this digital recorder.” He held up a thin electrical device. “You may not hear something during the investigation, but when you go back and review the recording, you hear voices or unexplained sounds.” Lynn caught Lee’s skeptical glance as she wrapped her arm around his waist.