Sorry *OMG Girlz Love Story*


Rayan pov

craig-aye! bruh, hollup!

i stoppped and waited for craig as he was running to catch up with me

me-you know, instead of running to catch up with me every morning, how about you get up 5 minutes earlier and be here exactly when i walk out?

craig-how you know all that? how you know if i get up 5 minutes earlier than you and walk here that you will have walked out at that exact time, and we would just walk?

me-i did the math, duh

craig-oh yeah. shid, i forgot you were all smart like that.

[a/n y'all know damn well that rayray would never be that person

we walked for 6 more minutes, and jacob was just walking out his house

i gave him dap

me-wassup li' boi?

jacob-shid, mama trippin

craig-aye, don't say that to her. i want more of your mama's chocolate chip cookies

i nodded in agreement

me-those is BOMB

chres-how y'all doin?


me-can y'all believe we're actually going to highschool?

craig-um yeah.

jacob-we're not as smart as you but, yeah.

chres-bruh, them hunnys' just...... whooo!

me-you actin like you can get a girl!

jacob-werd up!

?-watch it bitchnigga!

this boy ran into me. him and his 3 friends.

me-who the fuck you think you talkin too!

?-you bitch nigga!

me-please li' boi. fo' i beatcho dreadlock ass!

??-Issa, he ain't even worth it bruh.

his friend with the mohawk said.

issa-shutup chris!

chris-iight. jacquees, your turn

he said that to the other boy with dreads.

jacquees-issa, c'mon man, we gotta get to school.

issa-chuckee, you could make those two shut the fuck up.

he was talking to the last boy, also with dreads.

chuckee-naw bruh. you just ran into them for no damn reason, then you called him a bitch nigga. wassup li bois!

he tipped his head at us

chres-nun. y'all go to chalmette high too?

chris-yeah, sophmores.

jacob-we're freshmen.

jacquees-see! you pickin on them for nothin, issa! let's just go.

me-yeah guys, let's just go.

we got our mini skateboards from our bags and rode them to school.

i stopped and picked up my board. when i got a good look at the school.

craig-well damn!

chres- this muthafucka is huge!

jacob-no shit bruh!

me-let's just go in. damn! y'all out here admiring shit. while i gotta get to class!

chres-and the nerd in him comes out once again

i smiled

me-can't help it. now let's go!

jacob- *mumbles* bitch nigga

me-these big ears ain't for nothin jake!

i ran into this girl

me-omg! i'm so sorry. you ok?

?-yea i'm fine.

me-wait aren't you star from-

star-byee! she ran away into the building

star pov

2 weeks before

bahja and i were talking, about random shit, when kida came in

kida-bitches and niggas! all of y'all gather, right here, right now!

bahja-who's the bitch and who's the nigga


bahja-guess i'm the bitch then

me-so i'm the nigga?

kida shook her head

kida-not important. mama's got news for us.

she held out here phone and put it on speaker.

bre-hey aunty tiny!

tiny-hey girls! how y'all doiin?

me-bored forever more!

tiny-that's about to change. you're going to school at chalmette high in 2 weeks, bye!

she said it so fast it took a minute to process what mama just said


me-i don't know.

[present day]

when i ran into that boy, i got scared because he recognized me.

i saw him in the hallway and asked him how he recognized me. he pushed up his rayban nerd glasses.


that's all he said. then he walked away.

i remembered that my hair was blue. we kept our weave in, instead of taking it out.


i silently cursed myself out.

well time for class




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