Gray Fullbuster Lemon


Since I didn't see much of Gray-kun lemons, I decided to make one! Enjoy~ GRAY-KUN IS MINE! 


P.S. Your name is Hikari :) 


I woke up to the sun shining on my face. I then turn my head to see my boyfriend, Gray, still sleeping. 'Must be tired from last night' I thought to myself. He was still naked with only a thin blanket half way down his body. It didn't do much to cover his ragging erection. Wait . . . Erection? What's he dreaming about. Just so you know his erect member did NOT make me want more. I went to the kitchen to make myself some coffee trying to keep my mind off of the sexy, muscular, erect man in my bed. Flashes of what happened last night was going through my mind. Next thing you know I'm leaning against the counter, desperate to have him ramming his cock into me. I sighed knowing what I NEED to do I slipped into our room and stared at my lover. I glided my fingers along his chest and kissed him. I forced myself to go painfully slowly instead of just taking advantage and ride him. I wanted to make him just as desperate as I am. With every little movement, every kiss, his face seemed to shift. I kissed down to his lower areas && stared at his big member before me. I put it in my mouth wondering when Gray would wake up. My wish cane true a moment later when he said,"Am I still dreaming?" He at me then saying,"I mean . . . asdfghjkl!" Before slamming his head on the pillow. I did a hard suck and he was lost. "Mmm . . Gray~" I moaned. He looked at me surprised at how sexy I sounded with his cock in my mouth. I sucked him dry. I moved up to his lips to kiss him so he can taste himself. "Gray, what were you dreaming about that made you so hard?" I asked. "Mm . . You-you were on your back, staring at me as you aah~ touched yourself." He replied. While I was busy with his neck, his hands traveled to my lower areas and pushed his fingers in. I moaned louder as I pushed down on his fingers. Damn. It felt good. While I was distracted he took advantage of the moment and flipped us over. He quickly took his fingers out and shoved himself in me roughly. I didn't care. "Graaay~ oh~" i moaned/screamed. He loves it when I moan his name. He began slamming into me. His thrusts were hard, pounding me deeper && faster each time. "Hikari" he grunted. We bit knew that we were reaching our limit. I moaned his name moments later, but his thrusts never ceased. "Oh fuck!" I yelled as he came. He shot his seed deep within me, but his thrusts never stopped. "Mmph" he grunted before pulling out of me. "Hikari?" He said. "Mm?" "You know, if you ever want to act out my drean- OW!" he said said as I pinched his cheek. "No. At least, not yet" I replied

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