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Daddy's Little Girl



I'm making my popcorn balls drizzled with Hershey chocolate, and occasionally with caramel. The most delicious thing you've ever tasted. While I'm making my balls (haha) I'm think if I should tell Ray about Marcus {I Cant get his FRICKEN name right} about MASON tonight or wait until tomorrow at school. I know he's gonna get mad but I don't want him to get mad tonight. I should just ask the girls.

I turned around and bumped into Ray. Who was wearing a sweatshirt and some khaki shorts. His hair was out and he had a Los Angeles SnapBack over it. 

"Hey baby"

"Hey bae"

I guess ill have to tell them later. He hugged me tight and pulled back. He was smiling showing his teeth. His teeth are a little messed up. So he doesn't really do that with most people mainly me. I think it's cute and it makes me happy.

"You ok Pooh Bear?"

He touched my cheek

"Yeah I'm fine"

"Well your marshmallows are starting to burn so Ill be in the living room."


I turned and my marshmallows weren't burning. He laughed and walked away. I finished the popcorn balls and put them on the table.

"Ok let's dig in guys"

I got some of everything and we all sat down in front of the tv.

"What are we watching?"

"Source Code"

"That biking movie?"


Knock Knock Knockitty Knock Knock

Nini got up to open the door and it was Chris.

"Hey guys."

"Sup Chris"

Hey looked at me.

"Hey Faith can I talk to you now?"

I laughed

"Yup and you can hug me too."

He smiled and gave me a hug. These are my niggas. I felt Ray pick me up and pull me onto of him. He kissed me cheek and put a sour straw in his mouth. I bit the other end off.

"Thanks I didn't want to eat that."

I smiled and pecked his lips.

"So how was the party?"

Should I tell him?

"I don't have to kill any boys trying to get to my girl right? Because you know I would have to handle that."

That would be a big no.

"It was boring as usual"

I didn't look straight in his eyes.

"Are you sure?"

"Y-Yeah I'm"


Ok so AJ wants to get slapped today it's cool. I sat back and Rays lap and he held me tighter.

~I know it was boring it'll get better.....hopefully~

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