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Bad Teacher ( Student and Teacher Love story)


Okay this is a new story that I wont have time to work on. Student and teacher relationships are IN these day.




This story is on hold for a couple of weeks or more. just until I get my other three stories off of the ground.


PS the title I saw a movie from it. Look it up because the movie is funny. Well from the trailer it look like it












"Okay, class you all have papers due today,"I said loudly to catch their attention. They swung their heads towards me and looked at me with wide eyes.


I laughed, sitting on the corner of my desk."Please, don't tell me you have forgotten there is a paper due today. I do think I told you everyday to make sure your papers are to be turned in today. But, hey, you don't listen to me."


A hand whipped into the air. I looked over and saw it was Ariana. I sighed and nodded at her. "Well, Mister, Hampton, I have my paper here because I listen to you every day. I would never forget your words."


I smiled kindly at her, while the rest of the class snickered. Some students called out to her,saying that she is a freak but she stayed confident and looked at me for my answer. Ariana was the kind of girl that was a teachers pet.


I have plenty of teachers pet, who are trying to get me. Maybe it has to do with my good looks and my engaging personality. I smiled at myself, knowing I sounded cocky but hey when you look like me you have a reason to be that way.


"Thank you Ariana. I wished that all of your class mates were like you. If anyone has the paper ready turn it in at the end of the day. if I do not have then you minus well get a red marker and put a big fat F on your forehead,"I smirked at them,"Oh, if you don't on Monday then you are going to get suspended."


Right on time, the bell rang, making all the students groan.I laughed."Oh come on guys,I know you don't want to leave my awesome teaching skills."


One kid, James, yelled out."Mr.H, this is your first year teaching. Don't get ahead of yourself, now." The class laughed, nodding their heads. The girls glared at the boys.


I smiled."That's how good I am. Now get to your class before I make you late."


They all rushed towards the door, shoving each other in the process. I shook my head and went to my desk chair. Thinking of those kids made me or reminded me of what I was when I was their age.


Which was like two years ago. Now I am teaching English at a school. Instead of being a boring old teacher, I am a teacher who is cocky, never told wrong, and the fun one. Most of the school has welcomed me with open arms for the couple of first months I have been here.


Well, the girls have opened more than their arms. A knock interrupted my thoughts. I groaned out, not wanting to get up and get the door. I sighed and grumpily went to get the stupid door. Standing on the other side of the door was the Principal, with someone behind her.


I smiled, using my charming one. The Principal was like twenty eight, close to my age, a women, and also hot. But I don't go for older girls, it makes them more annoying with the whole age thing. Those people annoy the crap out of me.


"Mr.Hampton, I would like you to do something for me,"Principal Gonzales asked waving her hand for me to step aside.


I nodded and made room for her to pass by. I was about to close the door, not looking behind her, when something blocked it from closing. I looked down and saw it was a shoe. Looking up, a girl with a hood on just waiting there with her foot stopping the door.


"Move,"Her voice said harshly, while she pushed me out of they way. I stumbled back a couple of steps back,looking at her with a what-the-hell. But she just kept walking and hopped on a desk, her feet dangling at the edge. Like she own the place or room.


I looked Gonzales. She gave a apology look."I am sorry Mr. Hampton but Juliet doesn't mean any disrespect towards you."


The girl, Juliet, snorted looking down. I still couldn't see her face when the hood was still on her. She was wearing dark blue ripped jeans with black boots coming up to her knees and of course that stupid black jacket.I could see her black her coming out of her hood.

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