Death at the Orphanage


                                                                           Chapter 1

"Chloe can i speak to you for a second?" asked Mrs Holloway the Care worker that worked at The Blue Sky Orphanage were Chloe lived. "Yes Mrs" Chloe approached the tall, blue eyed lady puzzled at what she wanted to speak about.

"See that girl sitting on the bench over there?" Chloe spotted the pretty faced girl with blue eyes and straight blond hair. "Yes i see her" replied Chloe as she turned to Mrs Holloway. "Well she's new and i want you to play with her and help her settle in." "Okay Mrs Holloway" So Chloe walked over to the new girl and introduced herself as she sat next to her.

"Hi I'm Chloe what's your name?" The blue eyed girl turned to face the happy looking girl. "I'm Scarlett" she replied beginning to smile. "Would you like to play with me?"Chloe said as Scarlett began to smile even more. "Okay just one thing Don't leave me.....or else" Chloe felt a cold chill run down her spine but she chose to ignore it and play with Scarlett.

After they had played and had fun Chloe went to get her phone from her room and left Scarlett alone in the kitchen.........Scarlett didnt like being alone and when Chloe came back downstairs to the kitchen she saw Scarlett covered in flour and eggs and that everything in the kitchen had been destroyed! and at that moment Mrs Holloway walked in........

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