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Will you marry me, Tommy? : An Adommy Fanfic


This is my first Adommy fanfic and obviously not a lot of this is true. Just a writing by me(: I hope you like it. By the way, another thing you should remember is that this is set in 2010, while Adam was on the Glam Nation Tour. Adam has not met Sauli yet.


I was so nervous. I was absentmindedly playing with the black square box in the pocket of my suit. I'd made my decision on asking the best- and the most courageous- question. I loved him. He loved me. Inside was a gold engagement ring with nine small diamonds embedded into the ring around it; it symbolized the year of 2009. The year we'd met. We'd been dating since only six months ago to the day but I'd loved him ever since he stepped into the room, and he'd always been perfect in my eyes. Tommy Joe Lambert, Adam Ratliff. They sounded perfect. One more hour. One more hour.


The text I'd gotten from Adam made my day so much better. I had so many errands to run that day, I felt like my head was spinning. After I read it though, my head was spinning for a completely different reason; love. It read:

hey Glitterbaby! Will you please meet me at home around sixish? I love you so much, Tommy, you have no idea. If you could meet me there, no earlier than six, I will promise to make you dinner tonight(: xoxo - Babyboy

When I got the message, I immediately smiled at my phone like an idiot, and nodded. I texted back saying I loved him more and also that I'd be there at six on the dot. I got back in the car from Whole Foods with two bags of groceries in the back seat and headed over to Monte's house which was quite close to Adam and my house. Adam said I could be no earlier than six, and I was going to follow the rules.


When I got home, I made everything perfect. Everything had to be perfect. For my babe. I made sure the candles, the table cloth, the placemats- everything- was nice and neat. I looked at the time. It was only five o'clock. I still had another hour, but that's how long it was probably going to take me to make dinner...

I made chicken parmasean and pasta for the meal that night and set out a bottle of wine and two glasses. It looked like a stereotypical table at a date.

I was right, it did take be about an hour to make dinner and get everything organized and neat everywhere. I even cleaned up our bedroom, made the bed, and cleaned the two dirty dishes in the sink. Monte always said I had OCD. Maybe he was right.

I was pouring Tommy's glass of wine when all of a sudden, the doorbell rang. It must've been Tommy. I spilled a little bit on the placemat and wiped it up with a papertowel the best I could. It was a red stain, but it wasn't that bad. I was still worried though. Everything needed to be perfect.

I opened the door and Tommy- with two bags of groceries that he was holding in his hands- looked down at my apron and the flour on my face and laughed. I realized I'd been wearing my apron and tore it off. I wiped my cheeks clear of the flour and kissed him passionately on the lips. He set the bags down on the step; he was still outside of the door but he didn't seem to care that much. He kissed me back and I put my hands on the sides of face and he stepped up on the floor of our house from the step outside of it with one hand on my waist and one hand on the side of the door to steady himself while he stepped.

He broke the kiss and smiled at me, his face still close to mine. He looked at my lips and up to my eyes. I loved his eyes. They were my favorite thing about him. Besides his voice. We stood there for a few minutes. Hugging in the doorway, with his arms tightly around my waist and mine around his upper back. I let go of him and pulled him inside by the hand and sat him down at the table while I lit the candles.

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