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Those Hot Twins Next Door

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"Dinner won't be ready for about forty minutes so do whatever you want till then." I pointed at who I thought was Kaden. "But YOU don't touch anything - I don't want STD'S from Jemima all over everything!"

Kaden raised his hands. "I can honestly say I've never touched that whore in my life - it's him you have to tell that to." He grinned pointing to his twin. I realised I had just given out to Danny.

"Fine then, KADEN you don't touch anything, I don't want to have to clean it!" I said sternly, pointing at the other twin.

"Don't look at me! I'm Danny!" He said, raising his hands, the same gesture the other twin had just used.

I growled. "WHOEVER THE F*CK IS KADEN - DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING!" I yelled. They both laughed and pointed at each other. 


"He's Kaden!" They both said at the same time, I let out a strangled screech and stomped upstairs. Cursing them as I heard them laughing behind me. Damn twins. Jay would owe me BIG time after this night was over.


I set up Joey's room while waiting for dinner to cook downstairs. I clipped a few fronds from the palm tree outside and placed them in his glass case while he lay comfortably coiled in the sunshine that shone across my bed. I turned on the red light and poured some water in the shallow part of the case. There was a special dip in the case, just for water to go into, the whole case was laid out like a natural habitat actually. It had cost me a fortune, two-hundred and fifty dollars to be exact.

As soon as it was finished I picked up Joey carefully and placed him in his case, where he happily slithered into his artificial hollow log. I dusted off my hands and shut the lid before changing into a pair of shorts and jogging downstairs. I had another twenty minutes and the twins, Jay or Ty were no where to be seen so I headed into the garage for a punching session.

I couldn't help but imagine the bag being Graham's father's face. That whole situation just infuriated me so much. I lashed out at the bag, feeling my knuckles bruise. I didn't mind. Sweat was pouring in my eyes and I was so caught up in what I was doing that I didn't notice I had an audience.

I stopped when I heard the oven timer beep. Swiping my hand against my forehead I bent over, hands on my knees, gasping for breath. It was way too hot. I pulled off my T-shirt, standing there in my bra, and slung it over my shoulders, turning around to go get the Lasagne out of the oven.

I froze when I noticed Kaden and Danny both sitting on lawn chairs, leaning back, relaxing ... and admiring the view. Which happened to be me. I fought back my blush and hurriedly held up my t-shirt in front of me then pulled it back on. Eyes wide, they smirked in unison. Without saying a word I turned on my heel and dashed inside, my face glowing. Yes, Jay owed me big.

I pulled the Lasagne from the oven and set it on the table.

"DINNER'S READY!" I screamed out loudly, I could hear footsteps coming at me from all directions, I decided to go change my top before I ate and headed upstairs, grabbing a long T-shirt before running back down to the kitchen. The table was crowded. Ty was sitting, eating his piece already while Jay dished out a slice to Kaden, Danny and then himself.

Noticing there was about a quarter left, Jay handed me the knife so I could slice my own piece, I threw it down on the table and just picked up the Pyrex dish shrugging. All the chairs at the table were full so I hopped up on the counter and dug my fork into my Lasagne. It burned my mouth but it tasted so good.

I heard a scraping of chairs and then saw somebody's hand grasping a fork, moving towards my Lasagne from the corner of my eye. I jerked the dish away.

"Mine!" I looked up and growled threateningly! I saw something flicker in the twin's eyes as he studied my face. Shock? Fear? I smirked at him and continued eating.

"Ali how come you get QUARTER of the Lasagne and I only got one slice?" 

"Simple. I made it. This is my house. I grabbed it first, you should have taken more. I have to clean up after. Need I go on with my list of reasons?" I smiled innocently up at him and took another bite, the hot pasta scalding my tongue.

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