I'm in love with my cousin?!

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[AN] Heyy guys! My second story, I'm super excited.! This is expected to be my most sexy one yet...but I don't know. Stories always go they're own way. It's aggy sometimes, and others it's beautiful!

So without further adue....


Chapter Two:

I sat on my bed, Indian style, listening to my iPod. I was running through songs listening to I write sins not tragedies by Panic! At the disco.

"I'd chime in!

With the haven't you people ever heard of,

Closing the god damn door,


I was interrupted by a knock on the door.

I groaned getting up.

I styled my hair Into a quick bun, with my pen, walking over lazily.

"Who is it?" I say, leaning on the frame of the door.

"Open up, Des." I heard my dad, say.

I groaned opening in up and he pulled me Into the hallway.

Which was completely soundproof to all the other rooms in the house.

Weird...I know.

"Listen, Tyler is here and I want you to go say hi. Be nice, and don't make things weird, because I know you haven't seen each other in awhile. Be gentle..about...Aunt Judy. Okay? Just mak..."

"Dad," I said putting an arm on his shoulder.

"its okay, I know. I have no clue why you're being so weird about this whole thing. He is family." I said making my way to the top of the steps. I started to descend.

"Besides, nothing much has chan...."

My breath got caught as I saw Tyler standing there I my living room.

A Greek god, if you ask me.

He stood firm, wearing a navy blue button down shirt, which was covering his abbs, and muscular features. Underneath I spotted a white T.

Clean,neat blue jean capris over his medium waste, giving away his strong calves.

New Navy blue Nikes with a black Nike sign in the middle covered his feet.

His dirty blond hair curved into such as a Mohawk, slightly without much effort I assumed. And his smile...

Oh his smile...

Almost blinded my pretty blue eyes.

His grey ones looked at me amusingly.

I blushed from staring, but I couldn't help myself.

I gulped and dad whispered something to me as he went to take his place next to Ma on the couch.

"Nothing has changed, huh?" He said, raising his eyebrows.

Oh my god he was hot.

Wait! Red light! Red sign! Cross sign, WHATEVER!

All red!

Stop it!

"Desiny, come here! This is Tyler. I know it's been awhile but..." my Ma started.

"Aunt Meredith! No need to introduce us. She knows me very well. We are cousins after all!" He said.