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Baby, Louis Tomlinson is your dad ( louis tomlinson fanfic)


OH MY GOD! I am so happy I have so many reads!! I cant thank you guys enough! :) here you go… and I know many of you are like what about Louis ?! like what will he do.. well just wait and see hehe. If your reading this and want it to be updated more often comment ‘ red purple green pandas’ hahaha



Louis POV

I woke up with Keeley in my arms, I immediately pulled away. I can’t do that, especially when she’s getting married to harry.. Yeah that’s right. I can’t help but feel mad and jealous, I mean I love harry but she was my ex-girlfriend, and she is the mother of my child. I mean I still love her, I never wanted to break up with her but I was somehow forced to. Like the famous life would be too much, and it was. I want her back. Is that too selfish? Maybe it is.

Harry walked in with coffee and biscuits; I smiled and took some politely.

“Mate, can I talk to you?” Harry interrupted my thoughts; I nodded and walked out of the room with him. When we got outside he turned and looked me in the eyes.

“Do you still love her?”

“I.. Harry why are you asking me this?” I said, obviously confused.

“Because, I can’t marry her Louis, you two belong together and she just had a miscarriage with my child. Louis I think she belongs with you and not me.” Harry was crying by the end of his tiny speech. I pulled him in for a hug and let him cry, he needed to. He loves her, probably just as much as I do.

“Harry, you lover her” I told him sincerely, he pulled away and nodded.

“I do, but you love her more, when you love someone, sometimes you have to let them go” he started to walk back to her room when I stopped him.

“Harry, she’s going to be broken do you realize that?” I yelled suddenly, not really sure why I yelled but I did.

“I know Louis, but you’ll comfort her, you always have and always will” with that he was in her room. I stood there dumbfounded. Did he actually just tell me he needs to break up with her? What am I going to do?

Once harry had left I decided I should go visit Sammy. As I started walking out of the hospital paparazzi were surrounding the doorway. I grunted silently and descended through the big crowd; bad idea. They started grabbing my clothes, flashing the cameras in my face, asking me questions. I couldn’t even get past the second set of doors of the hospital entrance.

“Give me some room!” I tried to scream, but they wouldn’t.

“SERIOUSLY! GIVE ME ROOM!” I shouted again. They wouldn’t still.

“Hey! Give him some room! Jesus he can’t even walk to his car!” Most of them stopped yelling and turned around, i noticed a tiny bit of room so i snuck out of the giant crowd, which consisted of sweaty men and woman.

“t-thank you for helping me” I stuttered. She chuckled.

“no problem, you looked pretty flustered there handsome” she smirked, I chuckled and held my hand out.

“I’m lou-“

“I know who you are, I’m Calista by the way” she winked, I smirked.

"Thank you so much, but i really have to go!" I rushed out as i started to desend for my car.

"Okay, bye Louis!" she smiled and waved.

 I waved to her and ran to my car. When I got in I put the key in the ignition and pulled out of the parking lot. 


When I got to the hospital I walked through the doors and went to the elevator and hit the 5th floor button. When I got up there I walked towards Sammy’s room.

When I got there she wasn’t in there. I walked back out and ran towards the front desk of the floor.

“um excuse me but where is Sammy Tomlinson?” I asked full of concern. The nurse looked at me full of, pity? What’s going on?

“she was, um rushed into surgery. She had a seizure, when they calmed her down they took her for an MRI and she has a tumor near her spinal cord. I am very sorry sir, she’ll be out in the next few hours.” I began to cry, this is my baby girl were talking about! She could die!

I pulled my phone out and called Harry

After 3 rings he picked up


“What’s wrong Lou?”

“They… rushed… theyrushedsammyintosurgerybecauseshehadaseizure!!!” I said all at once

“Louis slow down, what?!”

“They rushed Sammy into surgery because she had a seizure and they found a tumor near her spinal cord and I just I need you here!”

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