One Direction Imagines


(Y/N)'s POV 


"You stopped calling me, skyping me, texting me and everything! I knew you forgot me! You left me for 2 years! Two years! Don't fucking call me, don't fucking text me, don't fucking skype, don't fucking do anything with me!" I yelled. 

"Please! Listen to me!" Niall yelled. 

"Why? You forgot me!" 

"Do you know how many nights I've been left awaken thinking about you?! It was impossible to forget you! Paul and the rest of the boys made me forget you because they think that I was getting too attached! And I am! I am attached to you!" Niall said. 

I couldn't say anything. "I'm sorry..." I apologized. 

"Don't be... I'm sorry for not calling you... I really missed you," he said, hugging me. 

~Flashback End~ 

Niall and I have been together for three years now. He's always busy with things and texting someone else- never having time for me. For the past few weeks, I told myself that he didn't forget me. It wasn't forget that was seperating us. But I think it's someone else seperating us... 

I decided to wait for him until he got back home. Yes- we do share a flat together. He's always back late, and I just don't know what to do with him.

"I'm with Harry, I have to help him xx Nialler" he texted.

I stayed awake until 1:30 in the morning- he still isn't back. I nearly fell asleep until I heard the door open. 

"Niall?" I asked, opening my eyes. 

"Oh... (Y/N), why aren't you sleeping?" he asked. 

"Where were you?" I asked. 

"I was with Harry, I told you that..." Niall siad, walking faster, playing with his hands and hair, hoping to end the conversation. 

"Niall, don't lie to me. I know what you do when you lie to me. You fumble with your hands and hair. 

"Okay... I wasn't with Harry..." he confessed. 

Tears fall from my eyes, but I quickly wipe them away. 

"Look, I really want to tell you where I was, but I can't right now... I'm sorry," he said, walking up to the bedroom. 


"Liam? Could you please tell me what he was doing?" I begged. 

"I'm sorry, (Y/N), but I can't do that for you..." Liam answered. 

"Why not?" I asked. 

"Because he told me to keep it a secret until he can tell you himself..." 

I left One Direction's flat with several emotions. Was Niall cheating on me? I glanced at the gossip magazine. The headliner read: "Is Niall Horan planning to break up with (Y/N)?" 

Niall was in the flat we shared. "(Y/N)? I want to tell you the truth..." Niall said. 

I was worried about what was going to come out of his mouth. "I wasn't with Harry because I was busy thinking about how I should tell you this..." he said. 

"You cheated on me? You want to break up with me? I know," I said, before he could say anything. 

"What are you talking about?" he asked. 

"The magazine said that you were cheating on me, and planning to break up with me," I answered. 

"l really was alone l was thinking about you. And how much l really care about you so l must ask you something," Niall answered. 

He put his hand in his pocket of jacket and you saw small red box. He pull down on one knee and asked: "(Y\N) l can't described how much l love you and how much im afraid of losing you so will you marry me?

I started smiling and asking myself how can I could have ever thought of someone like Niall cheated on me. I kissed him and gave him a small nod. 

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