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What If?


Chapter 3.

Acting Like Kids




As we rode into town, my mind was wandering everywhere. I was wondering where we were going, if I was going to get in trouble when I got home- considering I just left Mama and Papa to do my work- and what Jason thought of me after I made that joke earlier. How stupid was that? I made a face. 'I need some new jeans' I mocked myself inside my head. Well Sophia, just forget about it. Jason knows it was a joke. I hope.




"So how often are you working down at Eddy's?" I asked.                                             




 "Oh, three or four times a week, sometimes more. Whenever they need me, really."





"Sounds good. You making a lot of money? Saving up for something special?" I asked, hoping to get ideas for future birthday gifts.



 “Actually, no. No to both of those questions. Five or six dollars a day is about it. And there ain't much I want. Maybe I'll lend a hand and pitch in to help pay for the horse feed or something." Jason replied. He seemed upset.




 "Oh.” Was all I could say. “Hey what do you want for your birthday mister? It's in..." I started counting days in my head. Wait. Were there 31 days in May?





"My birthday is June 15th." he said with a chuckle.





"No! I knew that! I was trying to count the days! You messed me up!" I yelled.





 "Oh. See I thought you forgot my birthday!" he joked





"Ha. You're a funny kid. “ I shook my head. Now I’d have to start all over.





 "Kid? Wait let's get this straight, I'm turning 17 in less than a month, you're turning 17 in like 5 months, and I'm the kid?" He asked, amused.





"I-" Great. He got me there. I hate it when he does that "Yeah. You're the kid." I said, oh crap. I sensed a play fight coming.





 "Soph..." he said warningly





"Jason" I said back in the same tone. Two can play at this game.




"Soph." he said again, sharper this time. How long will this go on?





"What?" I finally said.






 “I love you" Jason said with a cute smile and a wink.





"Love you too Jason. You're such a cute little kid." I think I just won.






 "You asked for it!" he yelled. Oh crap. He's probably gonna start saying- my thoughts were cut off as suddenly he was pulling me off my horse. How'd he get over here so fast? He grabbed my waist and I took my feet out of Gracie’s stirrups so I didn’t get caught in them. He is really strong.

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Acting Like Kids

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