Test - Run (ON HOLD)


Author's Note: Okay,I just wanted to say that this is a story co-written by Sofifi5 and I. Having said that, it will be posted on her account and mine. Okay... I'm going to let you get back to the story! Thank you!



Tori (<3 Victoria Daggat <3)

I screamed into my purple pillow, letting it dry my tears. How could my father do this to me?! All my friends gone. My huge room and walk-in closet gone. All because of his stupid job. So much for the stupid lectures he's given me. What happened to all that "Family is Important" crap he's been throwing at us since, like, forever?

I mean, doesn't he think of me at all? I don't know how Jules could be so calm! Was she not fuming about having to leave?! There's only one thing to do. I'll have to run away! I ran over to my huge closet and threw upon the mirrored doors. I grabbed my suitcases and started to pack.  


One hour later

I lay on my closet floor, exhausted. Wait hold on a sec. This is a boys high school, right? Which means....  

"Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!" I screamed, smiling. I might have to leave my friends but I wouldn't have to leave boys behind. I'd be going to school with the hottest and richest guys in the country, with only my sister for competition. Pshaw, she was never competition anyways. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. Long layered, brown hair with the one purple streak. Turquoise blue eyes sparkling with anticipation. Princeton Academy, bring it on!!!

Jules (Juliana Daggat)

Dad's gone and done it again! He went ahead and made a decision without telling us first! So much for the 'Family is Important' rubbish he had been spouting for years...

You're probably wondering what the heck my dad has done this time, it's simple: he got a job.

Let me re-phrase that; he got the best deal of his life! The Board of Directors for Princeton Academy offered him a job as headmaster.

Which is fine by me except, if our dad moves, so do, we move. And by we, I mean my insufferable twin sister and I.

Oh and guess what? As a bonus, this year Princeton Academy, which was originally a boy's boarding school, has deigned to accept girls! Dad says it's for us, that he refused to go without us. Of course Tori would want to feel that important... All I know is they better have good sports credits over there... If not, I'll do what I've always done; raise hell until someone complains.

They never do. I'm actually smart, unlike my twit of a sister...

It doesn't really matter anyways; I'll probably end up treating the school like I treat Tori: Annoy the heck out of it until they give up on me!

Not that I do that to my sister on purpose! I would never! It's just a natural gift I suppose... And why waste talent?!

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