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Louis: You were at home stressing out. You had just found out you were pregnant. Of course you were happy,  but you were also worried about what Louis would say. With his career at it's peak, you weren't sure how Louis would handle it. You had taken 3 pregnancy tests and all of them read positive. You had to tell Louis before he found out himself. It was 4.30pm and Louis  usually came home at 5 so you mentally prepared yourself for what you would say to him. 5 o clock came round and soon enough Louis' car pulled up in the driveway. You heard the familiar click of the key and the door swung open. "Hey babe" Louis called out. You came out of the kitchen to face him and greeted hiim with a hug "Hi Lou, how was work?" You replied. "Great actually,the  'Kiss you' video reached our goal so everythings good. "Good! I'm so proud of you guys, you're amazing, go shower, dinners ready in 10." He replied with a quick 'okay' pecked your lips then walked up the stairs. You were even more worried now, you had decided to tell him through dinner but he seemed in such a great mood. What if you ruined it for him? you panicked and tried to come with some other idea but none came to mind. You resolved with the thought that if he loved you as much as you loved him you would work this out together. Louis came down and walked over to you giving you a kiss "Dinner smells great, lets eat im starving" You both sat down and started eating. "So.." you started "I'm really happy about how far you and the boys have come" you say trying to break the tension that only you seemed to sense. "Yeah its great isn't it, and it wouldnt be possible without you (y/n)" he said with sincecerity. Oh sh*t. Now you were in trouble. Would he still think that of me when you tell him? You finally had enough. "Lou, I need to tell you something." "Yeah Babe, What is it?"  You paused for a moment and took a breath. " Louis, I'm Pregnant." Louis paused and looked at you. "Really?" "Yes..." You replied not sure about how he was taking it. He stood up suddenly and picked you up from your chair andgave you a huge hug. "I'm going to be a father" Louis said crying tears of joy into your shoulder. Now you were crying too. "We're going to be parents" Louis said with the biggest smile on his face. "You're going to be such a great Mum, i love you" he said with his face in the crook of your neck. You smiled at your stupidity of even thinking Louis would take it badly as you whispered back an 'I love you too'

Niall: You had been feeling unwell and throwing up all morning. Niall was taking care of you, giving you medicine and a glass of water whenever you needed it but none of it seemed to be taking effect. Not only that you had missed your period and had a sudden craving for peaches. You had taken the thought that you were pregnant but hadn't thought it had been possible. Niall hated seeing you like this so he brought you to the docters. The docter ran some tests and scans and came out afew minutes later " I have some news for both of you" You and Niall looked at each other with confused faces. You were the one sick, not Niall, nethertheless you returned your attention back to the docter. "You're Pregnant, Congratulations" Niall immediately jumped up and down yelling, "I'M GOING TO BE THE FATHER" He hugged you and screamed an 'I Love You' In your ear before running out of the room screaming back at you ' I GOTTA CALL THE BOYS!'

Zayn: You and zayn were cuddling on the couch watching some random movie since you weren't feeling well. You had been feeling sick for the last couple of days and hadn't been able to find a cure. Not only that you had a sudden craving for food with peanuts in it and had been cranky. You started paying attention to the film as zayn played with your hair. The woman on the screen had just found out she was pregnant, that's when it hit you. The cravings. The crankiness. The missed period. Zayn however seemed totally oblivious to the fact that you maybe were pregnant. You looked at him and started " Zayn Baby, I think I'm Pregant" Okay. You mentally face palmed yourself for saying it like that. Zayn immediately jumped up with excitement "Really? How do you know??" You yourself started getting excited also. "Well it would explain my cravings and period miss" "Come On" Zayn said pulling you out towards his car. "Where are we going?" "To see if we are going to be parents or not!" He claimed excitedly. You mentally killed yourself for making Zayn get hishopes up. But on the inside you were squealing with joy. You went to the drugstore and bought 3 tests. You and Zayn Rushed back Home and you went straight to the bathroom to try them while zayn impatiently waited on the couch. You walked out of the bathroom with a huge smile on your face and stood infront of zayn who was tapping his foot waiting. "We're going to be parents!" You yell at him and a grin instantly spread across his face. He tackled you to the ground laughing kissing you all over the face as you giggled. He finally stopped attacking you and pulled you into his lap and started playing with your hair as you both enjoyed each others prescence and soaked up the moment.

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