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My mate?!!??!!!??


Hi my name's Stella Sharp. I'm 17 years old. Yeah I'm a werewolf, have been since birth. The little town that I live in is full of werewolves, our pack is called the Teatherwood pack because well we live in the middle of the woods. It's a normal town with schools, library's, medical center, stores and such, etc. but it's in the middle of nowhere. There is a highway that everyone use's to get out of our town and to the main land of course we are not cut off from society, we have phones and computers. 

My father (Carson) is the beta of the group and my mom (Calline) is the female betta. Which means that our family is the beta of the group.  I am not  the oldest but my brother did not want to be beta, I will be the next beta of the pack. I have a brother named Nolan who is 2 years older  and a sister named Penelope you is 4 years younger. The alfa of our pack is named Tyson Ruiz  and the luna ( his wife) is named Cora Ruiz. Alpha is my fathers age and has three kids, Lucas, Farrah and Lyla Ruiz. Lucas is the oldest, he is my age. Farrah and Lyla are twins they are my sisters age and all three are best friends. 

I have 3 best friends, Carly Harper, Xavier Knols and Bryce Harris. My boyfriends name is Brandon Hart. I think he is my mate. You see, when you turn 17 you find your mate but not exactly on that day. It is my birthday tomorrow and I will be turning 18 so today is the last day. I've heard that when you find your mate you cna't keep your hands off of each other. My brother found his mate when he turned 17 and her name is Fiona Armstrong. They live in a house a couple streets down and I will be moving out once I find my mate. 

I turned off the water of the shower sighing. Time to start my day. I finally decided to leave the warmth of the shower only to be greeted by Penelope brushing her teeth. 

" Hey get out." I say.

" No I need to get ready too you know." 

"Well just cause we share a bathroom does not mean you can just waltz in when I'm taking a shower." I say while grabbing my towel and wrapping it around me.  

" Yeah yeah" 

"Whatever next time wait for me to get my towel on, please" I say

" Fine."

And with that I walk thru the door way into the connected room I live in. I towel dry my hair and then go to my closet to select a decent outfit. I find one and put it on. 


I leave my hair down and go to my makeup desk and apply a simple coat of mascara and lip gloss. I walk downstairs to be greeted by Penelope and my mom Calline. 

" Hey mom." I say

" Hey  sweetie" 

I grab a piece of toast and a glass of juice. 

" Can you drive me and the girls to school.' says Penelope. 

" Yeah sure." I say taking a sip of my juice. 

I finish my quick breakfast and gather everything into my bag. 

" Lets go girlie." I say to Penelope. 

" Ok ok." She says. 

We get into my beat up Jeep and head of to the Ruiz's house. When I pull into their driveway I see another car pulling out. I have this weird feeling in the pit if my stomach. Iv'e never felt it before. 

" Hi Stella." says Farrah and Lyla at the same time. I swear they do this all the time. 

" Hi guys, lets go we are going to be late." I say starting up the car again. 

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My mate?!!??!!!??


Zach Roerigas Lucas
Chloe Bennetas Stella
Zendayaas Penelope
Chloe Moretzas Lyla
Willow Shields as Farrah
Taylor Momsenas Carly
Thomas Mcdonnelas Brandon
Nia Peeplesas Caline
Robin Wright Pennas Cora

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