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My Big Brother⁑Roc Royal Love Story⁑

Dedicated to


 Akemi (P.O.V)

This morning after me and Trey woke up, we did our hygiene routine, I asked him to teach me how to drive and he said yeah. I was like damn i was hoping he would say no. Ugh ! Haha !

"You ready ?" he said smiling and grabbing his keys. "Uhh. Yeah" i said in a dead tone. "whats wrong ?" he said coming up behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist and resting his head on my shoulder. " Ummm. Trey i don't know if i can do it" i said frowning. "Baby Girl, yes you can, and if you do good i'll treat you" he said smiling and lifting up my chin. "A treat like what ?" i asked lifting up an eyebrow, Then Trey licked and bit his lip and we kissed and that kiss turned into a hot and steamy makeout session. he picked me up, placed me on the counter and pulled my shirt off and went back to tonguing each other down. "You still scared ?" he said pulling away and rubbing my thighs "Uhhh I don't know" i said pulling him closer to me and I smiled. "I guess i know what that means" he said smiling and taking me upstairs.

He layed me down on the bed "Are you sure your ready ?" he asked "I think so Buttt, be gentle its only my first time and I know how do cause them streets be talking" i said slightly laughing but really my ass is scared as hell. I have never been sexually attracted to anybody else, but boys have tried to get with me. Hell Yeah Imma Be Scared ! Y'all I don't know what imma do when he sticks it in. Oh God !

He started pulling off my shorts, my bra and panties. "Imma get you wet so it want hurt as much" he said going down on me and kissing my inner thighs and slowly made his way to my pussy. while he is doing all of this im shaking hella hard so he stops and comes back up. "What ?!? Why did you stop ?!?!" i said looking at him like he was crazy. "Cause I dont think your ready" he said "OMG Trey ! Yes I Am. Stop playinnn' " i said whining. " You stop playinnn' " he said mocking me. "Trey. Im dead ass serious"  "Ohkay Im Sorry !" he said laughing "You want it that bad" he asked kissing my neck. "mhm"           "I guess thats a yes" he said kissing all around my neck to find my spot. "Trey" i said in a low sexual voice which indicated he found one of my weak spots. "Can i go back down ?" he asked biting his lips. Damn, i know he my brother and all but he about to get it. i nodded my head in response to his question and he went back to work and bout time he got back down there i was wet as hell. "Damn Baby Girl. For a virgin you soaked as hell" then he came back up. Now he is killing me. "Trey !"    "Ohkay I'm sorry. I like messing with you" he said smiling. I have to take actions in my own hands so i flipped us over so i was on top and i kissed the hell outta him and after 2 minutes i pulled away. "Are you ready to stop playing" i said getting smart and he flipped us back over so he was on top "Yeah I'm done. I waited to long cause now I'm hard as hell and that's worse for you"  "I don't care" with that said he gently slid in and i let out a very loud scream as tears escaped from my eyes and scratched Trey's back. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! Shit Trey !" this shit hurts like hell I dug my nail deep into Trey's back and threw my head back. "Umm. Baby girl I'm sorry" i didn't even reply i just bit my lip trying not to scream bout after a while all that damn pain turned into fucking pleasure and let me say that this shit feels so good. "Mhmmmm. Trey baby, go faster" he started picking up he speed and that shit was starting to hurt again. "FUCK TREY !" when i said that he went even faster. "DEEPER !" i yelled out in pleasure and Trey started ramming the fuck out of me. "Oh   Oh Oh Daddy !" he started going turbo speed. i think i gave him motivation to go faster damn ! i shouldn't have said that. "Ahh ! I'm about cum !" i said throwing my head back "Hold It In"    "I can't. Shit !" before i came Trey went down "Alright Cum for me" when he said that i let it all out and he cleaned me up real good. "Trey I wanna ride" i said as he was coming back up. "Fine with me" he said smiling and i returned the smile. He flipped us over and picked me up by my hips and slid me down his dick and he let out a manly grunt and that shit turned me the fuck on. I began moving my hips in a circular motion and Trey bit his lip trying not to groan, so i started bouncing up and down and slamming onto his dick. "Ahh Shit Girl " i smiled and Trey flipped us back over "Let me get these last strokes cause I'm about to cum" he said ramming into me harder than before. "Uhhh ! Damn Trey" with 10 more rams he came inside of me and that shit felt so good, to have his warm juices traveling through my body. "Ummm" he let out a soft grunt and pulled out and rested his head on my chest. "So how does it feel?" he asked smiling. "That shit hurt like hell and i cant feel my fucking legs anymore" i said "Haha Can you move ?" he said rubbing on my thighs "Uhh No !" i said and he started laughing "Trey That's not funny" i said pouting "Awww It ohkay Baby Girl" he said lifting up his head and kissing me. " When am i going to get my driving lessons ?" i said smiling. "If all of them end like this then you can have them every fucking day" he said smiling and slightly laughing. " Whudd eva" i said laughing and rubbing his back where i put all them damn scratches. "You need to put some neelsporen on these scratches" i said "You put them there so you put some on them"  "Haha Shut up"  

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I Think I'm Ready


India Westbrooksas Akemi August
Chresanto August (Roc Royal)as Trey August

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