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One Direction Dirty Imagines


"DARE!" Louis screamed, causing us all to laugh. We were at Harry and Louis flat. They just got hone from 5 months on tour and I finally get to see them face to face! I missed them terribly so I was willing to play Truth or Dare. I NEVER play Truth or Dare with the boys. They all have very naughty imaginations...

"I dare you to call this number and ask them where the closest strip club is, then ask if you can borrow some condoms!" I laugh, handing him a number and his phone.

"I accept your lame challenge!" He says, "but you need a dirtier imagination, love" he finished, winking at me.

I blushed, "I know it's lame but I don't play Truth or Dare! And when I do, it's not dirty!"

"Hello, sir! I was just wondering if you could kindly give me directions to the closet booby bar?" Louis asked, winking at me as he finished. He nodded, listening to the other end, "alright, and it's the first left? Mmhmm... Great! Do you have any extra large condoms I can borrow?" He asked as the rest of us burst out into laughter.

"Extra large?" Harry asks as Louis ended the call.

"Yeah right, bro!" Niall snorted, winking at me. I giggled and Louis looked over at me.

"You don't believe me?" He asked, looking around the circle. Everyone laughed and shook their head, "Alright, here!"

"Louis, no!" Zayn yelled, laughing and looking away.  


My hand shot over my eyes and I squeezed them shut, laughing as I rolled over onto my stomach. The group of us was laughing but the boys just stayed sitting. I was laying flat on the ground, on my stomach, covering my eyes so I couldn't see. It was Louis for god sakes! He was one of my best friends! The boys burst into another bout of laughter and I was curious as to why so I rolled back over, cracking my fingers slightly to peek.

Louis was dancing with his pants around his ankles. I gasped and he looked over and stopped, going red.

"Oh look, who's embarrassed now?!" Zayn choked out between laughter.

Liam was trying his hardest to keep a straight face but I knew he wouldn't keep it like that for long. I was right, within seconds the 'innocent' one was gasping for air during his laughter. Louis pulled his pants up and sat back down, embarrassed now.

"Harry, truth or dare?" Louis asked, getting off the subject.

"Dare!" Harry replied enthusiastically, he never backed down from a dare.

"I dare you to touch (Y/N)'s boob!" He smirked and I gasped.

"Nu-uh! This is a dare for Harry not me!" I shouted, raising my arms over my chest to block out any grabbing hands.

"Aweh come on, babe! It's just a dare! It's not like your gunna get married cause of it!" Louis begged, trying to convince me. Finally I slowly moved my arms down and nodded.

Harry smirked, crawling over to me. "You'll enjoy this, don't worry." He winked at me and I gasped as his cold fingers slid under my tank top and bra. His fingers roamed and caressed me and squeezed a little. I bit my lip hard, trying not I give the satisfaction of pleasure but I had no luck. I low moan slipped from my lips and I squeezed close my eyes, embarrassed. Harry pulled his hands back and sat in his spot, grinning proud an cocky. "Told you that you'd like it, (Y/N)!"

"Shut it, Styles!" I snapped back at him. Now looking at the boys. They all stared at me, eyes full of lust. Harry noticed this as well and laughed.

"Jealous?" He asked the boys, winking at me. I went pink as all the boys began to nod. "Truth or dare, Liam?"

"D-dare?" He stuttered, more asking then stating an we laughed. Everyone was scared getting dares from the legendary Harry Styles.

"I dare you to tongue (Y/N) for 5 minutes!" He challenged. I looked at him with wide eyes.

"So is this all about me then?! Why am I the only girl here! Lucky me..." I rant, sighing near the end as the boys just giggle at me.

Liam crawled over and stared deep into my eyes. "Okay?" He asked, and I just nodded, getting distracted by his deep brown eyes. He pushed me backwards gently and started to kiss me, soft and gentle.

"Come on, that's not tonguing!" Harry barked and began chanting 'tongue'. The rest of the boys joined in until Liam finally bit my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I hesitated but let him in and our tongues danced, battling for dominance. Of course he won and he began to explore every part of my mouth. I reached my arms around his neck and weaves them into his short hair, pulling him closer to me. He deepened the kiss further and a small moan escape both our lips just as Louis pulled him back.

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