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Complications in Heaven

Dedicated to

I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry that it took mee sooooo long to publish. 

I have just been soo busy with homework and a musical i am in. I know that I really only have one reader and I love you! 

PLEASE COMMENT!!!! Comment even if you didnt like it, I dont care!!! 

I probs wouldnt be able to update this week cause of the musical. It is showed on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!! SO wish me luck and i wiill update next week for sure!! 





I gradually got up off the cold lonely floor. After a few more minutes of crying i realized i eventually would have to get up and start my day.


My step-mom left a while ago so I could do anything I wanted. She usually doesn't leave me alone but i guess she was so mad at me that she just left. I headed to the huge kitchen planning to make myself some breakfast.


After a while of considering of what to eat i just decided to get a pop-tart. I always say, when in doubt eat a pop-tart! Wait, actually I have never said.


I stared at my delicious chocolate pop-tart. 


"I bet if you could talk, you would hate me, too." I said to my pop-tart.


I finally decided to eat my pop-tart. Before I knew it, the pop-tart was gone and in my stomach. 


"Oh, how i loved you my delicious friend," I said out loud to my pop-tart that was now in my tummy. I started to rub my stomach when i suddenly had an uneasy feeling in my stomach. 


Maybe I was allergic to pop-tarts. All the doctors would have to find a name for my allergy just for me. Hmmmm. . . what could they call it?


I then realized that it wasn't the pop-tart that was making my stomach uneasy. It felt as if someone was watching me. 


I quickly started to panic, i was never good in emergencies. 


Wait, Jocelyn, you are over reacting, I mentally instructed myself. Why would anyone have interest in watching little old me? Even if someone was I could easily take them down with my amazing karate skills! I wish.

Anyways, why should I be scared? But I did know why.

Ever since my sister, Kayla, was taken by those two men in masks, I have never been the same. I always feel like I am being watched and someone is out to get me, which they aren't! Right?


The thing that has traumatized me the most was that I watched my sister be drug away by the two scary men. Do you want to know what I did? Well, I did nothing. All I did was hide behind the wall in disbelief and fear. I still hate myself to this day for not saving Kayla. I still remember her face as she disappeared in the woods. That is the last time I saw her.


I am such a failure. 


Wait! There is it again. My stomach has the weird feeling that someone is watching my. I swear it felt as if someone one was staring right at me.


I swiftly looked around just in case someone was watching me. I kept telling myself that no one was here and decided to go up to my room to do homework.

I put my foot on the first step when I hear a loud creek echo through the endless houses rooms. Who was the owner of that creek?


I looked left to right expecting to see a mysterious person standing there. 


I still stood at the bottom of the staircase. I quickly took one last glance around. I noticed a dark spot on the floor in shape of a human figure.

Was that a shadow of someone? 

"Ohmigod." I whispered to myself, was I imaging things?


I rubbed my eyes and looked again in the same spot but nothing was there. Huh?


My fear was now rising and I was about to go get a baseball bat or something when I heard a noise outside! I heard a pair of footsteps walking up the brick pathway coming to the front door. I frantically looked for a weapon. Anything. Ummmm, perfect. 


I grabbed a pair of my step-mom's pointy high heels that were in the closet. They would do, at least I can fight in style. I guess high heels could stab if I needed to.


The mysterious people started to twist the door knob. Why do they need me now? Maybe these were the same people that kidnapped my sister? A million different questions raced through my mind. I clenched the high heels in both hands and waited for the ass to open the door. I was getting impatient now. Five . . . Four . . . Three . . . Two . . .

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