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Larry Mature BxB One Shots Book 3


  It was about studying. Harry was going to ask Louis to come to his house to study. He didn’t want to claim Louis’ lips with his own. He didn’t want to roam his hands all over Louis’ bare body. And  he certinly didn’t want to hear Louis moan his name. Because that’s not what fourteen year olds thought about. And that wasn’t what Harry was thinking about…


   Harry stood silently outside room 218, hands in pockets. He was waiting for Louis to be dismissed along with Louis’ annoying friends. Harry shifted his weight from one foot to another as a pass time. The classroom door suddenly swung open and the loud noise of chatter was released into the hallways. Many people greeted Harry when they saw him. Harry was a well known Freshman due to the popularity of his sister Gemma. A loud cackle grabbed Harry’s attention and brought him back to current reality. He found himself smiling because he knew who the laughter belonged to. Louis was walking out of the classroom in a funny matter, but he stopped when he saw Harry standing there. His wild grin quickly disapeared and a genuine smile took it’s place.

“Harry!” Louis raced towards his younger friend.

Louis entrapped Harry in a hug that pushed them back. Luckily Harry stuck his leg back and caught them before they boy stumbled over. Harry wanted to sigh. Harry loved the feeling of Louis hugging him. The warmness of Louis body pressed against his and Louis’ delicious scent that made his head spin. Louis’ hugs had a comforting and familiar feeling to them that made Harry want more.

“Still hanging out with the munchkin Lou?” a voice behind them came.

“Munchkin?” Harry squeaked as the boys pulled apart.

There stood Louis’ three friends. Zayn, Niall, and Liam. They were the “prettiest” boys in the Sophomore class. As usual one of them made a remark towards Harry and the other two laughed at the stupid joke.

“So what’s up Hazza?” Louis swung a protective arm over the younger boy’s shoulder and walked them down the hall to the stairs.

“Oh, well. I wanted to ask you for a favor.” Harry began.

“Is it for a blow job?” a thick Irish accent suddenly spoke up besides them.

Niall was now walking on the other side of Harry.

“um… no.” a blush was now creeping it’s way onto Harry’s flawless face.

“Liar. You know you want Louis’ wet mouth on your-“

“Niall!” Louis cut off Niall’s sentence giggling.

“Oh Niall’s right.” Liam joined in. “Harry wants you to suck him off. Isn’t that right Harry, you want Louis to lick yo- OW!” 

“Not another word from you two!” Louis had slapped Liam’s arm rather hard to stop the stream of dirty things that were going to pour out of Liam’s mouth.

Louis turned to Zayn who was only standing inches away with a grin on his face. Zayn’s eyes were now pointing to a very red Harry.

“Come on Harry.” Louis pulled Harry down the stairs.

A stream of playful swears were shot at the pair, but nor Louis nor Harry paid them no mind.

Louis walked Harry to his locker, and only then did he let go. Louis looked around, the halls were mostly empty.

“So what’s up Hazza?” Louis turned his attention to Harry smiling.

“Oh right, Uh, could you do me a favor Lou?” Harry began to fiddle with his locker combination, being a Freshman Harry was fairly new to lockers.

“Depends,” Louis eyes went to Harry’s long fingers. “What might that favor be exactly?”

“Uh, if you can-” Harry attempted to pull the locker open, but the locker wouldn’t budge. “Help me study today?”

Louis eyes widened a bit. Harry needing Louis help? Hell, Harry had better grades than Louis. He never really needed anyones help. Louis’ eyes glazed back over to Harry’s slender fingers. A groan of frustration snapped Louis back into reality. Louis slowly slipped behind Harry and he wrapped his arms around the younger boy’s torso.

“I swear Harry.” Louis nuzzled his face into Harry’s neck. “You can’t ever open that thing.”

Louis could smell Harry’s shampoo since he was so close to Harry’s beautiful curls.

With arms still around the lad, Louis reached out and fiddled with Harry’s locker combo. Soon the locker door swung open. Louis gave a deep sigh and placed a soft kiss to Harry’s neck before letting go. They were closer than usual friends, but that was normal right? Louis began walking away.

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