Chapter 4

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Before I knew it it was Monday, I worked up to the sound of my belly grumbling and soon the events of the past two days kicked in.

Both my dad and My brother left me alone for the whole day and Sunday, leaving me with nothin to eat from the morn to night. When they came back at 12 all my dad gave me was a burnt piece of toast which I had to make do with.

As i got out of bed, my door was unlocked and I saw my dad standing in the doorway.

"Your free to go okay but Imma be watching you from now on you disgusting piece of shit"

With that he left. I stood still feeling quite dizzy. I tried to walk but I felt as if I was going to fall down, so I sat down for a few minutes. I then got up and went to have a shower.

As I was showering I heard the door open, I gulped. It was Jacob. He got into the shower and put his hands around my waist and then state to finger me.

"Jacob please, think about it your my brother"

"Shut the fuck up, always trying to ruin the moment. What I be doing to you ain't even that serious."


"Just shut up, be happy that I'm to tired to fuck the shit out of you, now get the fuck out of my face"

I tried to rush and get out of the shower but I slipped and fell flat onto my face, prince stood over me and laughed.

"You pathetic little bitch"

With that he stood on top of me and jumped up and down for a while before leaving me whimpering in pain.

I soon managed to get up and I slowly headed towards my room, where I sat down for a while to regain a bit of strength. Once I felt strong enough I got up and got dressed in my school uniform.

As I head downstairs, I noticed how quite the house was, finding no one in the kitchen I assumed Jacob and my dad had left early, so I took the chance to have a proper breakfast. I had a proper fry up and a bowl of cereal, to keep me going for a while.

After breakfast I got my keys and my coat and head for school, I stopped in front of Chres house and wondered whether to knock on his door but I decided it wasn't worth the trouble, for all I know I might get into trouble again.

As I continue to walk I heard someone shout my name, I turned around to see who it could be. It was the one person that I didn't want to see. Chresanto.

"What do you want chres"

"I just want to walk with you to school seeing as it's my first day"

I thought about it, should I risk getting caught and getting into trouble just for one guy.

"Urm.. Okay then"

"Thanks. By the way I'm so sorry about what happen on Saturday, did you get in trouble?"

"Nah not really o just got slapped that's all" I lied.

"Are you sure cause the way you were acting before he found us seemed like he would have killed your ass and he does seem like the kind of guy that would beat you black and blue"

"Yeh I'm sure why would I lie"

"You know I really like you and I would beat myself if I got you in trouble just because of my stupid ass"

"How can you like me if we just met dude but seriously nothing happened, he just likes to act big and tough in front of people. It boosts his ego"

"Aye Destiny my girl" someone yelled out.