Chapter 4

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You wake up to the sound of your belly grumbling, and you remember the events of the past two days. As you got out of bed, you heard the door unlock and heard footsteps walk away. You got out of the room and went and have a shower. When you left you saw princeton walk past and he winked at you and grabbed your ass. You quickly went to your room and got changed into your uniform. When you got downstairs, you founded know one there so you quickly had your breakfast and left.

As you were walking you heard someone shout your name. You turned. It was Roc.

Roc: I'm so sorry about Saturday. Did you get in trouble?

YN: (Lying) oh he just slapped me

Roc: Are you sure?

YN: Yeh

Roc: I really like you and I wouldn't want you to get in to trouble over me

YN: Seriously nothing happened, he just likes to act tough in front of people

??: Hey YN

YN: (You turned and saw angelina coming up to you with Princeton) Hey Angelina (gulps) Hey bro

Prince: Aint that the bastard who was in our house on Sat (clicks knuckles)

YN: (gulps) Erm (GCO)

Roc: Dude I aint no bastard.

Prince: Did he just talk back to me

Angelina: Prince, chill he aint worth it. Come on babes, let's go the long way (looks at you and winks)

Prince: Dude, I'm watching you and YN, watch when we get home.

As angelina and Prince leave, you stand there looking scared. Roc then touches your arm and you jump in shock

Roc: What did he mean "watch when we get home"

YN: Oh he just playing

Roc: girl, then why you scared

YN: Don't worry (you start to walk off)

Roc: Aye wait for me

You guys walk together for the reminder of the journey, as you continue to walk, you realised that Roc had a really great personality as well as great looks. By the time you get to school, you manage to get rid of your hiccups.

YN: well here we are. The Castle of doom and terror, ruled by the vicuious and terrible teachers.

Roc: well, maybe my time here will be better if I had you by my side

Yn: (smiles shyly) I don't know Roc, I can't let my Bro see us

Roc: We can chill in the libaray, I doubt he will ever come in there

YN: I think about it