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Finding Mr. Perfect's Flaws (boyxboy)


Finding Mr. Perfect's Flaws


 A/N: The school project. How stupid can I get? (: It all makes sense in the end, though. And it only comes up in about three chapters in the whole book. It's not going to be cliche, people. So give it a chance? <3

"I'm gay."

I half expected the ceiling fan to fall in shock after my announcement. My hands flew up to cover my face, but the expected impact never came. I waited a few moments before sighing dramatically. My hands fell down to my stomach, and I laced my fingers together. I tried another time.

"I'm straight."

The fan continued to rotate slowly, filling my barricaded room with a light breeze. A loud buzzing sound echoed off of it, annoying me but also comforting me. I looked up at the fan, waiting for a reaction. Anything. But nothing happened. No ghost or odd force of nature shoved my fan off the wall. I was lying on my bed, seeing what it thought of my sexual preferences. As if I knew them myself. My ankles crossed at the end of my bed, and I sighed again. Why couldn't someone just tell me? I wasn't gay, I couldn't be. But what if I was?

No, Zachary. Don't be stupid. You can't be gay. That would be disgusting... right? Yes. Of course. I turned my head to my right, looked at my clock, and repeated the two things that I had told my fan. If I expected something to pop up and tell me, I was wrong.

That's how it's been for a while. I would announce my possible gayness to inanimate objects. Being my stupid self, I would wait for a reaction. I never got one. So as I lay here, waiting for my dad to come home, I also questioned my sanity. I glanced over at the clock again. It read 2:00 AM. I sighed loudly, and looked back up at my fan.

He was always like this. My dad was never home. And even if he was home, he'd act like he wasn't. He hated me, and I knew it without him reminding me all the time. My father wasn't a nice man, and I doubt he ever was. I'm pretty sure that's why my mother left us when I was thirteen, but my dad kept on telling me it was my fault.  

Even though my dad was a complete jerk, I still waited up for him every night he wasn't here. I would wait for hours, and sometimes he still wouldn't come home. Once he went a week without showing himself. That week I never slept a second. When he finally did come home, I almost passed out. When I woke up, he was gone again. It was always like this.

I was used to everyone leaving me.

Two girls sitting next to me in history class were having an interesting debate about whose sex life was better. They both supposedly had sex with Collin Lucas, and they were both bragging about it. At any second, they were bound to get up yelling. I bet the whole class could hear them. My father hadn't come home last night, so I hadn't slept. Even though I was ready to pass out, their talk was more interesting then the history lesson, so I tuned in on them.

"He loves his car. You know how romantic that would be? He had sex with me in his beloved car. I must mean something to him if he let me do that," The red head snarled at the black haired girl sitting next to her. I was also sitting next to the black haired girl, Sophia, so I could see her back tense. She was facing the red head, Kim.

"But I was in my cheer uniform. You know I look hot in that thing."

"With your flabby thighs? No thanks."

"Now, the project," Ms. Cambell said in front of her desk, pacing in front of the old wooden desk. She was trying very hard to ignore the two girls. She was tired of her job, but even more tired of the students. "It is very important to know other heritages and religions. The whole purpose of this project is to get to know more than what you think you know already. And as teenagers, you seem to already think you know everything." No one laughed. She sighed loudly. History class is stupid already in my opinion. Why make it stupider with her? Too bad the kids are even worse. We seniors are terrible.

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