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You walk up to Jc kissing him. You missed him so much. He smiles under your kiss and hugs you into him. He says "I missed you my beautiful princess" And picks you up spinning you around. He puts you down and smiles stroking your cheek as his blue eyes look deeply into your soul. You love him soo much and want him. You grab his hand leading him into his apartment room. "Babe what are you doing?" You wink bringing him into the room and sitting him down as you set beside him and start to make out with him. You lean forward moving your hand and land on something that was hard. You hear a deep moan. "Oh I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to" you say innocently. He chuckles and whispers "It's ok, I liked it".You feel your cheeks become red as you realize your still pressing on Calvin. He moans loving your touch. "I love you so much "I love you too." You say. You look into his eyes and see all his compassion as you tear up. It is then that you realize you're ready. Even though your only 17, you trust him with your life. "Jc... I think I'm ready." You say scared. He looks at you confused at first but then realizes what your saying. "Baby, you don't have to for me. I don't want you to do this because you want me to be happy." "No I want this for us, I love you and your the one I want to have my virginity." "You're my one and only love and I trust you. I want you, Jc." You say lovingly. He smiles at you as he just sits there staring into your eyes. You cant help but to get lost in his. You soon crawl over to him on the bed and straddle over him as you kiss down his chest and start to unbuckle his pants. He stops you and lifts your chin with his hand. He kisses you lightly on the lips and pulls you over to him as he gets on top. You are surprised and thought he wanted you to please him. He sees the surprise in your eyes and says, "Baby you don't have to please me, I want to please you." "Tonight is about you. I want our first time to be special. I don't want to have sex with you... I want to make love to you." He says stroking your cheek as you tear up. He then kisses you up and down all over your body and doesn't take his eyes off you. He reaches his hands into your shirt and touches your breasts as he strokes them, you flinch. He immediatly stops and looks at you with worried eyes. Did I do something, I don't want to hurt you. You tell me if I am or am doing something wr- You cut him off. "I'm fine, I have just never been touched like this before, and I'm a little scared. But don't worry I'm fine. I love you Jc" He nodded but you can tell he's cautious. He once again goes under your shirt rubbing your breasts softly and slowly he removes your shirt and you get nervous, But continue. You let out a small moan as he rubs you. He smiles knowing he's doing well. He then takes his shirt off revealing his sexy Abs and you stroke them and rub them up and down. He moans and you look at him he turns to you and kissed you. He slowly kisses Down to your pants were he puts his hands near them but does not touch them. You see him become paranoid as he asks if its ok, You nod. He takes your pants off and winks. Then he takes his pants off and hovers over you. He starts to remove your underwear and you mentally punch yourself for being so scared. He notices and says "Tell me if I ever hurt you or if you want me to stop. I'll be gentle, I promise." You smile loving how sweet he is. He continues bringing your panties down and off. He just stares at your naked body and you become uncomfortable. "You're absolutley beautiful" he says making you blush.


He slides down your body kissing you. Then he slowly touches your clit as you tense. He rubs it softly and you moan. He hears it and uses that as a cue for more. He rubs it harder and faster as you moan. It feels amazing, you think. He removes his hand and puts his mouth on your vagina, he starts sucking it quickly. "Mmmmm" you scream. He startles but continues. What he does next surprises you as he sticks his tongue inside you. He continues rubbing your clit while pumping one finger in slowly. He looked up and said "Woah, you're so tight... I don't want to hurt you babe". He continues pleasing you. He looks up at you and says "You ready?" You nod. He gets up and goes to his drawer and gets a condom out, and slips it onto Calvin. "I love you so much, you're my everything." He says, before entering you. He slowly pushes in the head of Calvin, and you scream "AAAAAHHHH" He stops right then, not moving any muscle. 'Okay, continue." You said, squeezing your eyes shut. He stayed still. "I can't hurt you." he says. "Jc, it's fine, I trust you."

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