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     The highway deputy was the first officer on the scene and it was one of those days that he had wished that he taken his girlfriend’s advice and called in sick with her. He actually had a stuffy nose but it wasn’t bad enough to skip out on his responsibilities. Yet there he was, out there on the highway in the pouring rain wishing that he had taken her advice. It was too late for that as he took some flares out of the back of his cruiser and placed them on the road after lighting them up so that he could signal to oncoming cars that there was an accident they had to avoid. The officer also parked his cruiser behind the cars that were involved and kept his lights on. The accident took up two of three lanes, but he couldn’t touch a thing until the paramedics and the fire department arrived. If there were any fatalities, traffic would be cut off until the meat wagon arrived to take them away. After the scene was secure to prevent additional cars from adding to the pileup, the officer ran up to the nearest car and checked under for any fuel leaks. None there and he went on to check the others and luckily there was no fuel to ignite any fires.

     So far so good he thought as he went over to the car that was damaged the most to check on the passengers of each car. When he got to that car it was pretty much totaled and the driver, who luckily was the only person in the car, was dead. Definitely going to need the meat wagon for this one, he thought as the young officer ran over to check the other cars. The first only had minor damage from not being able to hit the brakes after the initial accident occurred. But the other car involved in the accident was hit in the side and was in a ditch. Like the other two there was no fuel leak and as he slowly came down the ditch, he checked on the driver, who was also his only passenger. His car had no airbag so his face impacted with the steering wheel and that completed crushed his nose. The trauma of hitting the steering wheel also knocked him unconscious, so at minimum based on how hard his nose smashed into the wheel, this was at least a severe concussion. 

     The man in the car was unrecognizable as his face was covered in blood from his nose. The officer checked for vitals and the man was still alive. Thankfully that whole thing about a bone in your nose being hit into your brain was just an urban legend. Had it been true, this man would have been killed as well. He looked like someone smashed him in the face with a sledge hammer. He stayed by the man’s side and waited for the paramedics to arrive. When they did they first put a brace around the driver’s neck before trying to remove him from the vehicle. While they were doing that, the sheriff arrived on the scene and called his man to get out of the ditch to speak with him. As the young officer made his way to the road, he tipped his hat to his boss. “Morning Sheriff.”

     “Good morning, Deputy.” The Sheriff replied as he looked at the car below. “Do we have any idea what happened here?”

     “From what I gathered,” his deputy started as he pointed to the car that contained the only fatality so far. “This was apparently all his fault.”

     “Is that so?” The sheriff inquired.

     “It is.” The deputy confirmed. “I have eye witnesses that claim he ran a red light and t-boned this guy here. If the car had hit the driver’s side instead of the passenger side, this guy would be dead as well.”

     “And the third car?” The sheriff asked.

     “Just some dumb broad who can’t drive and didn’t have enough space to hit the brakes in time.” The young deputy answered.

    “Not surprising.” The sheriff said as he kept looking around. While he was watching the paramedics remove the driver from his car in the ditch, he looked at the back of the car. “Florida plates.”

     The deputy looked down as well. “I didn’t notice that.” He confessed.