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Kayla's Pov

Well its time to go home even if my gift is here. I'm gonna be sad my moms not here with me.But look on the positive side Dairain lives in front of me ;3. [Kayla's Pov]

well I went home and took a shower then put on my purple sports Bra,my pink tank,and my black boy shorts. Then I went down stairs to get a snack but a boy? but he didn't look that much older than me so w/e.[No Ones Pov]

Kayla: who are you?

????:oh I'm jacob you must be kayla ★bitin his lip★

Kayla :why are you here?!?

Jacob: oh I'm your step dad.

Kayla: ewww how old are you dude?

Jacob:im 20 and you are......

Kayla: I'm 17 to day Bew Bew.

Jacob:★walks over to kayla ot the wall★Be carefull i might have to punish you babyGirl.


Jacob:★pins her on the wall★ oh of I might not be but I can punish you. [Kayla's Mind mode]

Damn the Things I wanna do to this nigga.He had a black fro light brown skin.Damn he's kissin my neck.not that im a hoe of anything but if he wanna give it to me than I'll let him;). [Jacob's Pov]

Damn she's my step daughter but I just wanna fuck her so bad her mom isn't home until 5Am & its only 4Pm so YOLO;). [No Ones Pov]

Jacob: ★Kissin Kayla's neck★

Kayla:★Bitin her lip tryin not to moan★

What daddy gonna be bad kayla gonna get punished The next chapter will be a sex seen tell me if you like it wanna be in it or anything I love y'all my Mindless Angel's