Jason Binx And The Curse Of The Massacre Manor

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"Dude! Did you forget to turn the camera on again?!"
"No, it's rolling, you idiot! Go!"
"Hi, I'm Jason Binx and this is my...friend, Greg Walsh, and we are currently in the haunted 'Massacre Manor'. Now it's been said, that almost fifty years ago, the old man who lived here, Will Saxton, threw a huge dinner party and invited loads of guests...but the thing is, none of those guests ever left. Saxton had murdered every last one of them."
                 Greg coughed, shaking the camera a tad, so I gave him a dirty look, then continued.
" By the time the cops arrived, half the house had been burned down, and Saxton had already hung himself. I found alot of pictures of the bodies and crap at the library so turn the camera off really quick while i get them out."
Greg obeyed, letting out an annoyed grunt, as I opened my bag and shined the flashlight i had in my hand into it.

                    The pictures were stored safely in a thick, white, and worn envelope that i had taken from my mom's office back home. I carefully opened the envelope and pulled out the gruesome pictures from inside. There were probably about six or so in my hand and each one sent a chilling shock up my spine.
"Ok, ready." Greg turned the camera back on and I began again.

"Ok, so here are a few photos taken by the cops at the scene of the crime." I picked up the first one to reveal five mangled bodies twisted up like pretzels in a large jacuzzi bathtub completely caked in drying blood. The next two pictues were about the same, with more slaughtered people and buckets of blood. Almost gory enough to be in a horror movie.
 But it was the last three that really got to me.
              "They found Saxton hanging from the chandelier, with a face that some cops reported 'still gave them terrible nightmares'." He had died with his eyes wide open so in every single photograph of him, it looked like he was staring directly at you. As I looked down at one of the pictures, I felt like I was nearly falling into his cold black eyes. My whole body felt like ice and my mind went totally blank.  His eyes...were pulling me in...They were calling me...calling me- No, begging me to hurt, and to strangle, and to mur- 
                "Hey Binx! You still alive in there?" Greg was frantically waving his hand in front of my face. I pushed it away slowly.
"Yeah. I geuss I just sort of blacked out there, for a second." I let out a nervous laugh then started to pick up the pictures that were scattered like decaying leaves on the dusty floor. "Is the camera still rolling?"
 "Yeah, I didn't know what to do, so I just left it on," he said quickly.
I grumbled.
" Well then, I geuss we'll have to edit some of that out later."
He nodded , then I put all the pictures into the envelope and back into my bag. We both stood up, and Greg positioned the camera so that it was angled on me again.

"Now that we've told you the story , how does a tour of the massacre manor, where nearly sixty-five people were brutally murdered, sound?"
                 Not that I was scared or anything,(maybe just a little) but I was really glad that we had  decided to do this thing during the day.

                 By the time we were done around the house and pointing out all the historical spots, it was already growing dark outside. I nudged Greg, who was going over our video again, and whispered in his ear,  "Shouldn't we start heading out now?" He grumbled, then turned his back to me.
" We need more footage so you'll have to stay just a tad longer."
I looked at him in disbelief.   
"In the massacre manor at night?! Like hell I will!!!"
 Greg growled.
"God Binx! Don't be such a wuss!! It's just a freaking house."
My cheeks were starting to burn and glow like two hot embers scorching in the pits of a stove.
"Well if you need more footage, you can get it yourself."
And with that, I stood up then stormed out the doors of the Massacre Manor. I walked down the few steps the entrance had, and Greg didn't come after me. Who cares about him anyway?! Like I even need to deal with that crap!

           Later that night, after Greg hadn't called or texted once, I began to worry. He wasn't the kind of guy to let a "fight" go on that long, and it was over something totally stupid at that. I fell asleep, still thinking about what had happened and the rest was just a blurry, dreamless night.

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