Chapter 1

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(A/N: I'm currently editing this story)

Saturday. One of the most loved days of the week. It's that day of the week, where everyone gets to relax after a week of work and stress. It's day that most people tend to have parties, go raves and just have fun. However that's not the case for me. Fun is not in my agenda. Instead of having a lie in, Im a wake at dawn and doing both mine and my brother's chores. To be honest, you could call me the modern day Cinderella. As I was sweeping the floor, my dad decide to call for me.

'Destiny! get your stanky ass down here and wash the damn plates" My dad shouted.

"But I'm sweeping the floors"

"Don't you dare you try and talk back to me, or I swear I will beat your ass black and blue, now get down here and wash these fucking dishes and once your done, wash mine and your brothers laundry. I want everything to be done before I come back. You hear me?"

"Yes sir" I replied as I came down the stairs.

When I went past him, he spat on the floor gave me a dirty look and headed out.

That's my dad y'all. He treats me like a slave. I'm nothing but a piece of shit and maybe I am. When I look him in the eyes I see nothing but pure hatred. Why he hates me I will never understand. I also live with my Brother, Jacob or as he likes to call him self 'Princeton'. I hate him with a passion howler despite me hating him, I'm also terrified of him.

As I was washing the dishes, the kitchen door open and Jacob entered.

"Jacob, what are you doing back so early, I thought you were meant to be at Craig's Rave"

Without a word, Jacob came up behind me and put his arms around me and started to grind on me.

"Oh I am going to his rave but I remember I forgotten to have our little session, now hurry up with those plates and come to my room so we can have a little fun" he whispered in my eye.

"Jacob, no" I trembled "your supposed to be my older brother"

"Bitch, as your older brother, you better fucking do what I tell you to do or else"

Jacob stormed off to his room leaving me to finish washing the dishes. After a few minutes I was done. I slowly made my way up the stairs. I was scared and nervous. I kept biting my lips as I made my way to his room.

As soon I as entered his room I saw him laying on his bed, he was fully naked . When he saw me he smiled and got up, he made his way towards me and he pushed me against his wall and started kissing my neck. I stood there terrified. He placed his hands on my waist and moved them down and removed my skirt and underwear.

"Jacob, please no" I tried to push him away but he slapped me so hard that I fell to the ground. He knelt over me and started to punch me.

"Don't you dare push me away you hoe, now fucking lay still and let me finish what I started."

I laid still and he started to finger me after awhile he slid himself in me, going in and out, he grabbed my hair and started to ram in and out going faster, I winced in pain, I couldn't stand the pain and cried out.

Jacob slapped me twice got up, stood on me and kicked me in the stomach, then went back to fucking me again after 10 minutes he finally cummed in me, got up and left me, where I cried out all my sorrows

Soon, I heard the main door open and close.

"Destiny! I'm back you better have done what I asked" My father shouted.

I tried to get up but I was in too much pain. After a few tries I managed to get up.