Chapter 1

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It was the weekend and your alarm clocked just went off as you got up, you heard your dad shout your name.

Dad: Yn!!! Get downstairs and wash the plates 

YN: (scared) Yes dad

You run downstairs and starts to wash the dishes as you are washing the plates, Princeton comes up behind you and puts his arms around your waist and whispers 

Princeton: Come to my room afterwards.. I got a surprise for you 

YN: *nervous* Okay 

Princeton: *winks* good girl 

As Princeton walks off, he slaps your ass. When you finished washing the dishes, you go upstairs to Princeton's room where you find him laying on his bed. Topless. 

Princeton: Come over here

You slowly walk over, once you are next to him, princeton grabs your arm and pulls you onto his bed

Yn: *scared* Please let me go 

Princeton: Not until I get a lil bit of p*ssy

Princeton grabs your boobs and starts to play with them roughly. He then fingers you and even though you push his hands away, he puts his hands back. A few minutes later he pulls your jeans down and sucks your diamond after he un buckles his belt and puts Mr fernando in you. He starts to go in hard. You scream with pain. He smiles and continues to go hard. As a few minutes he goes faster and faster until you start to bleed. After an hour he gets up and buckles his belt.

Princeton: *stretching* That was Good wasn't it 

YN: *crying* princeton, why, your meant to be my brother 

Princeton: IDGAF, if you my sister, all you need to know is you a pretty ass hoe

Princeton walks out and leaves you alone crying and bleeding.

30 minutes later you hear someone press the bell.

Dad: *shouts* Yn go get the fucking door

You walk down the stairs painfully as 

You weakly open the door, you see your best friend, Angelina, standing outside.  

Angelina: *sees your hurt expression* Omg Babes what's wrong (hugs you) 

YN: Erm Erm 

Princeton: Hey Angel, and oh Yn fell down the stairs.. You know how clumsy she is 

Angelina: -Smiles- Hey boo where you going 

Princeton: Out, would ask you to come but I think Yn needs you at the moment -kisses Angelina on the cheek-