[ Old Work] Luna Weasly The Lost sister of Harry Potter


Sorry it been a long time since I last updated so much work lol. Anyway here you go and I will update as much as possible. 


Time passes so quick. It was already april Fools day, georges birthday. I miss him so much it hurt why was he so faraway I just wanted to hear his voice and tell me it will be okay and that Harry will win.

I was walking down to the great hall thinking about this beautiful day. This day every year until Draco became a death eater we used to play pranks on each other . The best on was the our 4th year.

Draco was sitting with his stupid Pack of chickens. Pansy,crabbe and goyle. I snuck behid the sofa opposite them an cast the accio spell on his wand. When I grabbed it he saw me and stood up." luna am going to get you and you will pay". I ran to the portrait I turned round to him and said " okay Draco that if you can get me and oh April fools."I ran out of the portrait through the dungeons and onto the grand stair case towards the griffindor common room. Draco was catching up with me as I turned the corner I saw Ron and Harry. " now " I shouted. They did say I said and pull a rope a pot of red paint fell onto his blonde hair. I burst out laughing and all three of us were rolling on the floor. He had a evil look in his eye . " luna what HAVE you done ." " isn't it obvious Draco you see I used a muggle trick Which I love and magic together and it was the best ." I high fiver both Ron and Harry." oh and Draco here's you wand and a really quick warning that paint won't come off for a couple of weeks." he gave me a evil smirk." I wouldn't look so happy with your self luna I will get ou back."  

"I be you will" was my last reply before I walked of with Harry and Ron.


I was brought back to reality when I walked into the great hall. I walked over to the slytherin table and sat next to Draco." hey draco April fools oh did I mention I hate April fools ." he looked up from his toast and looked straight into my eyes. They felt so warm. " what are you doing Draco." he snapped his eyes away from mine and said" I was looking to see if you lying and your not... But why". " it's ge....." I wanted to countuie and tell him everything like any best friend would but I couldn't he was a death eater. Okay not a good one or even wanted to be one but his father." oh don't worry Draco I don't want to you get all worried like normal." I could sense he wanted to explore more but he knew he couldn't fourse Anything out of me." okay luna one question who got ya that necklace." I looked down at my beautiful necklace George got me . My George. How could he see it though. " how can yo see it draco" ." luna two words death eater."  

" oh right completely slipped my mind because all I see in front on me is the draco thAt is kind lovely and has a massive spot on his forbead." this made him panick. I dot love to make him panic. " wha-at I do." I fell of the bench backwards laughing." April fools" I said though my laughter. He pulled me back up glaring at me.

When he had finished out breakfast me and Draco walked out of the great hall and began going back to the common room. When I smelled a strangely familiar smell . Weasleys spectator teen spray. Only one person I know wheres that. But he can't be here can he? I turned round towards the smell and saw a tall skinny figure sitting on the stairs. I screamed out of joy and confusing 

" it really is you "


Horrible ending hehe :) 

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