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Shy'Anna's story


Shy'Ana A.K.A Shy sat on a pallet of pillows on the floor in her room that she shared with her two other sisters Miya , and Niya . she was thinking bout her past ,present , and future. Shy'Ana grew up in a home with five other siblings four sisters Miya , Niya who were twins , janae and rayAanna, and her little brother Von. shy is seventeen ,light brown eyes, shoulder length hair , weighing 140 pounds , stood 5"7. some people may think she was cute but, she could never compete with the girls in her school who had long hair,hazel eyes, big earrings , perfect arched eyebrows ,flawless makeup ,and a confident attitude to match. shy was quiet in school more laid back she was the type to just watch and absorbed how others interacted with each other. but around her two closest friends Jakayla and tae she was fun to be around and very outgoing. it seems to all change when she step her foot into her front door on captive ave.

"Shy get in here now !!" My mother violet yelled.

" I'm coming gosh , yo".

"Yes?" I said stepping into her room.

"Don't yes me get in here and get to cleaning . my house ain't going to clean itself."


"Why I always have to be the one to clean up ?. you got two other kids that are capable of cleaning after themselves." I said referring to my big sisters Miya & Niya A.K.A my and ny.

" I know how many kids I got and the next time you question me you gon feel it now try me. Please do". She said rolling her neck like she was my age instead of 47 .

I replied by rolling my eyes and walking away.

"And before you start cleaning up go to the store and get me a beer an a snicker "

"But, why can't ...." I stopped myself.

"Okay give me the money" I said with my hands held out to get the money.

"Here" she said handing me a $1.50.

I looked at her like she was crazy. She and I both knew that wasn't enough for both a snicker & beer.

"This isn't enough ." I said stating my thought .

"Make it enough , they're enough hoodlums out in front of that store to let you hold some change "

the only hoodlum I know is you I thought but instead I just shook my head and walk out of her room.

I walked into my room that I also , shared with Miya & niya .

The most rudest People I know they both act just alike and acted as if I was never there.

They made me feel low like I could never amount to them.

At 25 years old, still living with their mama , and high school drop outs .

I really don't think it takes much to amount to them.

Yea they were pretty and rocked the latest gear , but I really don't wanna know how they get that money to buy those things.

It seemed like everyone in the house had some type of income except my little brother Von , and me .

See my brothers only 6 and I'm 17.

My moms always on my back telling me I need to get a job because no one is going to be living in her house rent free.

Any normal mother would want her child to get an education and not worry about a job because school is enough stress.

Nope not my mom you have to work to live in her house and the sad part about it is she don't care how you get it as long as you get it with some to spare for her to support her habits.

As for my other two sisters I really don't see as much ray'Anna & janae.

My mama kicked them out because they didn't have her rent money.

Sad my mother would have her two kids out in the streets cause she wanna be greedy , it's not like she don't have the money. It's just that the money she do have  

goes on your alcohol habits , your so called man that don't do nothing for you or your kids , and the slots .

At least put some food in the fridge for your kids . That's that shit I don't like . But hey it is what it is.  

But I shouts out to my sisters ray'Anna and janae because even when my mother did kick them out they didn't go out and do crazy Stuff to make their money like Miya and Niya. Nope they went out and got a job , put their money together and got an apartment.

I wanted to live with them so bad but, the apartment was to small for all three of us so I was stuck living in this hell hole .



Instead of going to the store like my mother told me I went to my best fried Jakayla's house down the street from me . I needed to get away from that house.  

When I got to her house the door was already open so I just walk in. When I got up the stairs I  

Could hear 2chainz talking bout how much he loved strippers.

I opened the door to Jakayla doing her homework.

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