Niall Horan Love Story

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Princess, please wait come back! I didn't mean to. You: Yes you did or you wouldn't have done it! Niall: (y/n) just let me talk to you for a minute, I can explain! She came to me! (You stop but don't look back at him) His face lights up with a little hope and he says (y/n) you know I love you and I promise I'll never do anything to hurt you again. You turn around and say "No you lost your chance and you ran off to your car"

Your POVy 

When you got to your house and you just plopped down onto the couch. Yu couldn't keep the thoughts from flooding your mind. How could he do this to me, How could he cheat!? I'm never going to talk to him again... But I love him so much! No! He can't hurt me if I don't see him again.


I was just standing there waiting for (y/n) at the park when this girl walked up to me and started freaking out! Screaming omg you Niall. Your in one direction! So I asked her if I took a picture with her if she'd leave but after we took the pic she leaned in and kissed me I pushed her off of me but it was to late (y/n) was standing there staring at me... She looked crushed.

After about two hours of laying on the couch doing nothing you were sick of feeling bad for yourself so you got up and took a shower and made yourself some dinner. After you ate you went on twitter Niall had mention you in a few posts... (Y/n) take me back!, I love you, it can't be over." You were recipe on a lot of hate for him being so crushed. You decided to turn in early and crawled into bed.

The next morning you woke up with the sum shining on your face. You got out of bed and got dressed for work. On your way there you began to wonder if he was even worth it in the beginning. When you got to work you turned in your phone, you had 4 missed calls and 49 texts all from Niall and the guys. You decided not to read them and deleted all off them.

When you got off work you were on you way home and made you daily trip to Starbucks. You got your coffee and sat down at a table. When you finished your coffee you opened the door, but some girls came up to you and freaked out. One said "why did you break his heart?!!!!" And as you were about to leave the other girl punched you in the face you just walked out not dropping to her level. When you got home you went to the bathroom to check out your face, you got a black eye! You didn't want to make a big deal of it so you went to change into comfortable clothes and watch some movies. You heard a knock at the door. Forgetting all about your black eye you got up and answered the door. It was Harry you guys have been best friends since before you and Niall even got together actually Harry is the one that set you guys up. When Harry saw your face he began to bombard you with questions, what happened? Who did this? When? Why? Omg!! Nothing happened! I just... Ran into the door.. No you did not!

Harry just got closer and hugged you. You guys didn't let go for what seemed like hours. When you released the hug Harry asked if you were going to be ok and you said yeah. (Y/n) you know your always welcome to stay with me right. Yes Harry I know your so sweet. "So do you want to come to my flat?" Uhm sure Niall's not going to be there right...? "No of course not" so you went to your room to pack an over night bag when you heard Harry yell in from the living room," hey why don't you grab a film and we can have one of our good old movie nights! This made out happy because you and Harry hadn't hung out in a long time.

You guys were enjoying your time but Harry said e had to go. Slowly you got up with him and gave him a hug goodbye. He left and you went to sit back on your couch. You just lay there motionless for a while before drifting into a deep sleep.

*a few hours later*

You hear a loud crash and jump but you hit the floor with a thud. You slowly awoke from your groggy state and realized where you were. You crawled off the ground and went to make some tea. As you walked into the kitchen you saw that blonde haired boy you once loved sitting at the table. He doesn't seem to notice your presence at all you began to yell random things at him and telling him to get out. His head jolts up and he starts to move towards you. But he stops in his tracks, WHO DID THIS TO YOU?!? He asks grabbing your face. You push him off and say fans. His eyes water up and he says he is sorry. But you can't forgive home that easily. He grabs your face again and says, princess I love you just please take me back. You don't know what to do so you just stand there silently... Niall takes his chance ad he leans in for a kiss, and to your surprise you don't stop him. After a few minutes out both pull out of that passionate kiss out of breath. Niall looks you in the eyes and says "i love you with all of my heart" his sweet Irish accent sings through your mind. You pull him into another kiss. But you to stop when you hear something, you both look up to see none other than Harry clapping and yelling FINALLY!!! You both gasp and yelled you knew?! You and Niall had been hiding your relationship from the other guys because you thought they would disapprove or get mad. But then the rest of the guys walk out leaving you totally shocked. Then Liam spoke up and said we all knew! And they run over and put you in a group hug. Niall asked the guys if they were okay with you two being together... They all yell "DUH"! And then Niall says good then I can finally do this... He gets down on one knee right in front of the guys and says "(y/n) I have loved you for the longest time, I love you right to bits. There is not one thing I don't like about you. I love your laugh and your smile, I love the way your eyes sparkle when you talk to me, I love how we can can tell each other anything, but most of all I love you and only you. Will stop being my princess but only to become my queen?" You let out a small laugh ad say yes rather loudly. He jumps up and kisses you. All of the guys begin to cheer! You two get married 3 months later only to find out your pregnant. You two were very excited to find out your having a son, you then name him Louis Edward James Horan. He grows up and has a great voice just like his father and winds up in a small YouTube famous band called moving forward. You and Niall are still happily married as you watch your only son grow up. You two grow old together and die together... Your last words were I love you.