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The Break Up Queen.


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Hailey is now Cara

there is no Aria anymore she was replaced by BRANDON so obviously there is no more Cater her was replaced with EMMA.

Chase is now TRISTEN.

michael is the same... so yeah.

anyways, the plot is still mostly the same but i have to make some changed for it to work out the way I want.

sorry .





"His name is Jack Barnet." The girl currently sitting next to me said as she slid a photo of a herself in the arms of a handsome blonde man. Before I could get my hands on the photograph she retrieved it tearing it in half splitting it perfectly between the both of them. "Much better." she mumbled to herself, sliding the torn half of him towards me. In that photo they had looked completely in bliss, but I guess happiness doesn't last for everyone. I nodded jotting down the name she had given. "I want nothing to do with him anymo-" Pause. I looked over to her, she looked completly torn, making me wonder what had he done to upset her this bad, but that wasn't any of my business.

She had black mascara running down her face, and black smudges from every time she had wiped her tears away.

"Can I get anything for you?" I let out a breath that I wasn't aware I had been holding.

We were sitting at a pancake house. People kept coming in and out and each one always noticed the hyterical girl next to me as she cried her eyes out. A petite blonde approached our table with a notepad in her hand. "Mandy." was her name according to the tag on her shirt.

"Uh yeah." I said running my hand through my hair. "Let me get a drink for my friend here." Looking across the table, she had buried her hand in her arms. Her body was shaking, giving away that she had started crying again.

Finally after a while, she looked up again revealing her red and puffy eyes, filled with unshed tears. She seemed to be in a lot of pain, regardless I didn't feel any pity or anything for that matter. "I know you must think I'm a coward and this sort of thing shouldn't be done by an outside party but you just wouldn't understand my situation..."
I kept fighting the urge to ask questions but I didn't want her to cry any more then she was already.

"I'm sorry," her voiced cracked again "Where was I?"

"His name, that's all you said." Obvioulsy she knew I need more than that.

"Look, just let him know I want nothing to do with him." All sadness in her voice was gone, she was angry. I had to admit the sudden change in her mood sparked a lot of interest of my part but I didn't ask , it wasn't my business to ask. My only business was get the information necessary and follow up with a well structured breakup.
My "job", if you could call it that, was to break-up with a certain person for someone else. Little or no payment was required. The pay I accepted wasn't much but it was enough to get me by all these months while I searched for a real job.

"Where could I possibly find Jack?" I asked.

"Try the beach." She stood, "and if not there, try his whores house." she gave me one last look before storming out the door, catching alot of attention from other costumers. Finally when she was out of sight, I reread over my notes.

"What a show." The seat that had been emptied by the hyterical girl was now being occupied by Brandon.

"Mind your business." I laughed reaching over the table, lightly shoving him aside. He bent over in pain, but his eyes gave away that he was faking it.

"I was watching the whole thing unravel," he waved his hands in the air to get the waitress's attention "Let me tell you, loved the water show." He chuckled to himself. The waitress finally walked over to us. Brandon cancelled our previous order and made a new one for himself.

"Eigth grade, Amanda Jenson." I smirked, shutting him right up. Amanda had been what Brandon considered the love of his life even though he had only lived ten years of it.

Mandy delieved pancakes to our table, and left.

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