Virgin sex slave (one direction fanfic)

"WHAT!?" I shouted at my parents they had just told me I was a sex Slave I was so lost and confused. I'm 15 and now sold off to probably some creep who will rape me for the rest of my life, there is one major problem here... I'm still a virgin!

My parents have always been self centered, so yes I expected them to forget about me but not sell me to have sex!
"Who the hell did you sell me to?!" I hastily asked
"Watch your mouth young lady, we don't talk like that in this house!" My mother told me sternly.
"What the fuck do you mean watch my mouth?! You just fucking sold me to have sex for the rest of my life." I shouted in response
"We needed the money and that was our first idea I'm sorry but you need to go pack all of your stuff they will be here in a few hours!" My mom told me as though she didn't care. I may not like my life but I don't want to be sold like a little piece of shit at a garage sale. I'm more than that, aren't I

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