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Diary ng Panget written by Denny



Dear diary,

Waaaaaaa! Wala na akong maintindihan. Kasalanan ko kung bakit nakapagpropose si 

Chad kay Cross ng hindi oras tapos nakita pa ni Lory! Ano na lang iisipin ni Lor

y! Baka magalit pa sakin si Chad! Tapos si Cross, hindi ba pedeng ihagis na lang

 sya pabalik sa Mars? Uwaaaa!

- Eya

ps. nakakadepress 'tong gabi na ito


Entry --- thirteen

< Chad s POV >

It s almost midnight and I can see that the transmitter is moving, I don t know if M

iss Pepper Spray has given it to Lory. I have enough trust with Peppy, I know sh

e ll be able to give it on time. 


Lights off. It s already midnight, time to steal my Cinderella.

I ran off to where my transmitter leads me, hindi ko na iniintindi yung mga taon

g nababangga ko. 

Here you are! hinawakan ko kamay nya uhh bakit ata parang lumaki kamay ni Lory? It m

ust be my imagination,  Come with me, trust me.

I said that with all my sincerity para hindi sya matakot at sumigaw at para na r

in magtiwala syang sumama sakin, I know she ll recognize my voice naman eh kaya I m 

not worried that she'll be afraid.Tumakbo kami hanggang sa garden ng palace sa likod, she quietly follows me as I 

hold her hand . which has quite gotten big? Well, I don t really care if it s big or n

ot, it ll always be the hand I ll kiss and hold.

I let go of her hand upon entering the garden, I feel butterflies in my stomach 

--- that s so gay I know pero sabi nila, when you re inlove everything turns pink.

Makinig ka munang mabuti, sana patapusin mo muna ako magsalita . Gusto kong marin

ig mo muna lahat ng gusto kong sabihin. I said that  coz I don t want to get interrup

ted kasi as soon as ma-interrupt ako baka mabulol bulol na ako at hindi na ulit 

ako makapagsalita, I want her to listen only. 

This is my first time doing this to a girl. Lory is the only girl I fell inlove 

with, the only and will only be. 

I know this makes no sense but, since proposal is not even needed between us but s

till I want it to be atleast formal and I would want us to experience such thing

 like this proposal. 

Kinuha ko na yung ring box mula sa bulsa ng tuxedo ko at hinarap ko sya,  Will you

 marry me?

Pero pag harap ko, para akong nanigas sa kinatatayuan ko

Imbis na magandang dilag ang nasa harap ko ay isang bakulaw na nakacross arms at

 may grossed out na expression,  Are you gay?

Nothing could have been worst if only Lory hasn't seen a thing but

Chad! I m sorry! I heard Peppy s voice from our side and when I turn to her, I saw Lor

y with her with a very shocked expression.

Nabitawan ko yung ring box and it fell on the floor, my emotions flushed in comp

lete disarray. I don t know what I feel right now, disappointment? Anger? Sadness?

 Astonishment? Surprisal? Sillyness? It s all f.cking together.

Chaaaaaad! napasigaw sina Peppy at Lory pagkasuntok ko kay Cross, I punched him in

 the face and he wasn t ready and because of that he fell right on the floor holdi

ng his jaw, there s blood on his lower lip.Cross, are you okay?! Lory hurriedly and worriedly went to Cross side.

Like what the was that for?! I ignore Cross and watch how worried Lory is for


Why in all person must it be Cross that I ve proposed to?! 

I can t f.cking believe this. umalis na ako, hinawakan ko yung kamay ni Peppy.

Chad! she said surprised and a bit afraid.

I ignore and pull her with me but before leaving the place, I stop to greet Lory

 for the last time, Yeah, happy birthday.

Wait Chad! Peppy protests but I only ignore her and pull her with me as I walk awa


- - -

< Eya s POV >

Yeah, happy birthday. Pagkagreet nya kay Lory ng hindi man lang nililingon ito ay 

hinigit nya na ulit ako. 

Wait Chad! hindi ko alam kung bakit nya ako hinihigit at sinasama sa kung saanman 

basta palabas ng garden. Hindi nya ako pinapansin basta hinihigit nya lang ako.

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