One Direction Preferences and Imagines(:


Harry- You excused yourself from the movie you were watching so you could quickly take a shower. You grabbed a pair of sweats, one of Harry's shirts that you cut up and a new pair of panties. You began to strip off your clothes off and turn on the shower.

"Babe, do you see my phone char---WOAH!"

You turned around to find Harry with a slight smirk on his face that then turned into a huge smile. You were so ashamed of your body. You grabbed a towel and quickly threw it on leaving Harry angry.

"But I wasn't finished!!" He screamed making you laugh your head off.


Louis- You two are watching Sesame Street on your "Do Nothing" day. Your stomach has been killing you ALL DAY and you had gas but you held it in because you didnt want Lou to smell it. You held it in for about 15 more minutes causing your pain to be noticeble to Louis. You made excuses like "It's menstrual cramps Babe!" and "I think it's because I'm hungry."

After a while you couldn't take it anymore. You dashed across the room and into the batheroom without excusing yourself. You jumped around holding your stomach like a complete maniac. You didnt want to poop because you did that absolutely naked but you didn't want to take the risk of pooping your pants.

You quickly began to strip off your clothes leaving nothing on. You began to poop not caring who heard, not even Louis. It was extremely loud in there...VERY LOUD! The only noise you could hear was the sound of your unholy gas and dropping noises.

"Babe, are you oka--" Louis said in shock as he entered the foul scented bathroom.

You froze not knowing what he was gonna say.

"Hey, nice boobs! Anyways, you poop just like me....NAKEEDDD(:" He said leaning against the frame of the door. You laughed and slammed the door in his face.


Part 2 of HE SEES YOU NAKED^_^ is coming soon!!

- Jamia_Nicole_

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