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Niall Horan Gang Fanfic Dirty *NOT MINE TUMBLR*


Hey guys this story is NOT mine. It's a tumblr user link -->

Enjoy ..


-So what do we guys need to do?-Zayn asked while loading his gun.

-Are you stupid or what? We just go in there, take their goods and maybe shoot a few people.-Niall smiled at his last remark.-It’s as easy as that.

Zayn turned around to face the lads in the backseat.

-Ready?-he asked and then he looked back at Niall, who was grinning.

-Let’s do this.-Niall said and they all left the car, sneaking through a dark back alley to some old metal door. Niall kicked the door with his foot and it flew open, he entered and the other boys followed.

Three girls who were sitting on the couch started screaming and Zayn pointed a gun at them.

-Shut the fuck up.-he hissed.-Sit there.

They looked around that room, but they found nothing, so Niall and Zayn went through the other door which lead to another room which was empty.

-Let’s check upstairs, mate.

-Come here.-Niall told one of the boys, who quickly did as he was told.

The three of them ran up the stairs as quietly as they could and came to a door, which Zayn kicked open. Behind that door were their rivals, 89ers.

-You pull that gun out and I’ll shoot your fucking face off.-Niall yelled at Marco,their leader.

-Hands up, ladies.-Zayn told the three guys and they did what they were told.

-Where’s the stuff?-Niall asked, but no one replied.-Do not make me ask twice, cunt.

-Find it yourself.-Marco hissed.

-Oh,is that so?-Niall walked over to him and Marco cockily nodded.

-Not worth it. mate.-Zayn told Niall.

Niall punched Marco in the face with the back of his gun, which made him fall to the floor.

-You guys, stay here and keep an eye on them, I’ll go check that room out.-Niall said and walked to another door.

The door was unlocked and as he entered, he saw a guy and a girl sitting on the bed. The girl caught Niall’s eye and he smirked at her.

-What are you doing?-the guy got up quickly.

-Sit  down, now. Don’t make me shoot you in front of a lady.-Niall winked and the guy sat down because he knew who Niall was.

Nobody wanted to stand up to him, even though a lot of gangs hated him and wanted him dead. Niall’s gang sold drugs, but they would usually just steal other gangs’ money or drugs so they wouldn’t have to do the work.

-Open this.-Niall pointed with the tip of his gun to the safe.-Now.

-I… I don’t know the code.-the guy said.

-Oh, you don’t?-Niall raised an eyebrow.-Really?

He pointed his gun to the guy’s leg.

-I don’t, I really don’t.-he started panicking.

-I do.-the girl got up.

-Then open it.

She kneeled down to the safe and entered a code. Niall took the bag with the money.

-Thanks, ladies.-he winked and went back to the other room.

-You got it?-Zayn asked.

-Yeah, man.-Niall walked to the stairs.

-You’re gonna regret this, I swear!-Marco yelled.

-Bitch, youhave something to say?-Niall walked back.

-You can’t just walk in here and take our goods. We’re coming for you.

-If I was scared of that, I would just shoot you right here, right now. But I’m not, I know you cunts won’t do shit. And you know what?-he grinned and walk to the other door.

A few moments later, he came back with the girl who opened the safe for him.

-I’m taking her with us. And you ain’t gonna do shit.-Niall winked and rushed down the stairs, gripping the girl’s arm. Zayn and the boys followed him out as they all ran together to the car.

Niall made me sit on his lap as we drove to what seemed to be their safe house. I was scared, to be honest, but I didn’t care, I wasn’t safe with Marco and I wasn’t safe with these guys either, so it didn’t matter who was I with.

-Why did you take the girl with us?-Zayn turned around and asked Niall.-She’s hot, but you could’ve just found someone else to fuck, she’ll sell us out.

Niall rubbed his over my lower back which made me shiver.

-I don’t think this one will.-he just said.-Who said we’ll let her go anyway?

They all laughed and it made me feel awful, I didn’t know what they were gonna do to me.

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