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Dez x Austin, from Ally & Austin


We made another collab, so I'm posting it! I'm also writing more for my Jak & Daxter fanfic, so of you're interested, check it out! Read MakerOfMusic's stories as well, I'd you're a fan of One Direction!


This contains boy x boy love, and sex between two males. If you are under the age of 11, I suggest turning back now. Do not report this, do not post a hate comment, do not do anything to stop boy x boy lovers from enjoying. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

*Dez stared over at Austin as they took turns playing video games* 

*paying close attention to his hips*

"Dez... Are you looking at my hips?"

"N-no..." *looks away*

"... You /were/! That's /great/!... But why?"

"I just was wondering if you had slimmer hips than reason for that, heheheh..."

"There's always a reason." he siad, pausing the game and turning to him. "Tell meeeeeeee, Dezzzyyyyyy."

"That puppy dog look only works on Ally, so don't even try it!" Dez said, backin away slowly

"Anything works on Ally." He said, stepping closer everytime he backs away

"Oh, so have you two done it yet?"


"Well, she seems pretty into you, and you're always flirting...." *insert jealous scowl*

" I'm cool with that...." 

"THE BEING GAY, n-not the fact that you two haven't done anything."

He laughed. "So, why were you checking me out?"

*ginger blush mode, ACTIVATE!* 

"Well, I just realized that a lot of chicks envy you for being so slim"

"Ah. Liar."

"I'm not lying."

"Mmhmm. You know, I'm pretty envious of your hips."

*presses hands against Austin's hips* 

"How the hell can you be envious when you're so slim? If you got arrested, you'd be able to slip through the cell bars without a problem."

He took in a deep breath. "Because yours seem powerful."

*Dez smirks* "They probably are..."

"Maybe we should experiment."

"Maybe we should."

"Let's, then."

*Dez pressed his pelvis against Austin's pelvis*

"And maybe we should see how powerful your lips are."

"Go ahead and find out, if you're brave enough."

He kissed him~

-slips tongue into austin's mouth-

He fought Dezs tongue with his own, putting his arms around his neck

Dez fights for dominance, pulling Austin's hips closer

Austin moaned, propping himself up on the counter

Dez stroked Austin's tongue with his own, exploring his mouth

Austin moaned, wrapping his legs around Dezs waist

Dez grinned, and began to suck on Austin's neck

Austin whimpered, finding their hips together

He lightly grinded against Austin, leaving hickey marks on his neck

He let his head fall back, moaning Dezs name

"I guess I was right about thinking you'd be bottom."

"That's why you were staring. Makes sense." he murmured, kissing him

Dez snuck his hand up the back of Austin's shirt, feeling his smooth skin

Austin shuddered under his touch, removing his shirt fully

Dez explored Austin's torso with his hands, kissing along his collarbone

Austin moaned, tugging at Dezs shirt

"What is it, Austin? Want something?"

"Mhm. I want your shirt off."

Dez took off his shirt, looking at Austin for approval

Austin practically ounces on to the taller boy, kissing all over his torso

Dez moaned, pulling Austin closer

Austin kissed back up to his mouth, his hands tangling in Dezs fiery red hair

Dez let a low growl escape his throat, turned on by Austin playing with his hair 

"We should experiment more often."

"Way more often. Maybe we should experiment a relationship, too."

Dez whispered in Austin's ear "I'd like that. A LOT."

"Good." he said, running a hand down Drzs back."

Dez shivered, grinding his thigh against Austin's crotch

Austin moaned, wanting more. "Maybe.. We should go to my house.."

Dez chuckles. "Will you even be able to wait that long?"

"Probably not."

"You'd most likely jump me in the car, without a doubt. We can't have that happened." *winks*

He blushed, sitting himself back down on the counter so he could cross his legs. "True."

Dez placed his hands on either side of Austin, whispering "We could go to my room."

"Yes please." he whispered back

Dez took Austin's hand and ran to his room, impatient and not wanting to wait much longer to continue

Austin ran With him, kissing him when they got in the room

Dez pushed Austin against the wall, locking the door and slamming it shut

Austin whimpered, kissing at Dezs neck

Dez grinded against Austin, holding him against the wall with his hips

Austin melted under his touch, tugging at Dezs pants

Dez teased Austin, kissing and licking down to the waistband of his pants

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