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What the frik are all the Naruto Characters doing here?


Most of these characters are owned by Masashi Kishimoto, but I am making a fan fiction of them.


            Today was horrible. I'm usually an early bird, but today I had to drag myself out of bed, throwing my alarm clock against the wall while I was at it. I've had the aching feeling that things were going to get tiresome and troublesome all day.

            Alyson, my adopted sister, was already awake and in the kitchen for her annual morning cupcake.  Her 'Mupcake' as she calls it.  When she heard my footsteps on the stairs she turned around smiling but dropped her mupcake at the same time.

            For the split second that it toppled off of her fingertips she stared at it in horror.  In slow motion it seemingly dived to the floor, as if to escape.  But of course, as that guy said from Big Fish said 'all things in slow motion must work double time to get up to speed'. Or something along those lines.

            Aly Chan, my nickname for her, let out a piercing wail as her mupcake hit the floor. As I ran over to her, and stepped around the dead mupcake, she looked up ad me, looking for comfort. Instead I clapped my hand around her mouth and whispered "Not a word. I woke up late, killed my alarm clock, have a migraine, saw your mupcake die, and now I have to deal with Tsukii. Just get another mupcake and clean this one up."

            She bit down on my hand, no longer wailing, but sniffling sadly. I snatched my hand away and glared at her, while moving to the fridge. It opened when she spoke.

            "That's just it. That was my last mupcake. Now I have nothing to eat!" she cried while I glared the fridge down, waiting for another mupcake to pop up.

            When one didn't, I grabbed an apple and tossed it at her head, while grabbing one for myself. "Eat healthily!" I ordered her, while taking a huge bite of my apple, relishing in the crunch that resounded throughout the large kitchen.

            Twenty seconds later all that was left of my apple was the mutilated core. I settled into a shooting stance and threw the core at the trashcan. It hit the swinging lid and landed in the bag.

            "She shoots, She scores!!! Again!" yelled Alyson animatedly, then her voice became eerily ominous. "It's time." She whispered theatrically, while dread mounted in my soul, "to wake Tsukii from her deepest of slumbers."

            I groaned and stepped out of the kitchen and into our stairway threshold, leaving the mupcake remains on the floor. I straightened my school uniform, it was black and the sides crossed over each other, with golden buttons lining either side, directly across from each other, and stalked defiantly up the stairs with Alyson trailing behind me.

            I put a finger to my lips, as we got closer to her door, planning a surprise attack while Alyson smiled halfheartedly at me. I turned around and hurled myself at the door. But instead of my shoulder smashing into her door, I smashed onto Tsukii herself, causing us to both fly backwards.

            "What the hell was that!?" I screamed in anger. Tsukii stood up and massaged her non-existent chest that I had slammed my shoulder into. 

            "The question is why you're yelling at me.  I'm the one who got crushed. Gah." She sighed, tousling her chin length black hair so that it settled around her head in little spikes, while glaring at me through her slightly dazed black eyes. "So troublesome."

            I turned around to glare at Alyson in case she knew that Tsukii was standing there, but when I turned around she was the picture of complete innocence with a slight smile and her green eyes sparkled curiously, they were very pronounced by her silver white hair with random red and black streaks that ended in spikes at her waist. Only I could tell something was wrong, and it wasn't just the cupcake.

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