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#Louis Tomlinson Imagine

I walked outside the colloseum for a breath of fresh air, when I saw him. He was leaned up against the wall, smoking a cigarrete, wearing a leather jacket. Wow. He looks over at me, when the door closes, and nods at me aknowledging my prescence. He takes a long drag from his cig, and tosses it on to the ground stomping it out, and heading in my direction. I try to stay calm, but this boy has me all caught up. 

"Hello love." He says his voice deep, and husky. 

"Hey." I say, and smile at him, beginning to shiver. I forgot my jacket inside at my seat. 

"You cold?" He asks, and I nod. He slides his jacket off, and hands it to me, relvealing two very muscular arms filled with tattoos, and I smile. 

"I like your sleeves." I say, and he smirks. 

"I like them too." He hands me the jacket, and I slide it on. 

"Why are you out here all alone?" He questions. 

"Just getting a breath of fresh air, it was getting rowdy in there." I say, and he smiles. 

"That's how concerts are these days love." He winks at me, and I get a chill, even with his jacket on. I take a good look at his face. He has quite a few peircings one on his lip, nose, eyebrow, and a few on each ear. Hot. 

"It's rude to stare." He says, and chuckles. I feel a heat rising in my face, and I look away. He grabs my hand, and I look at him again. 

"Don't be shy there love." The boys says, his voice getting deeper, and rougher. 

"I didn't catch your name." He says. 


"Nice name y/n, I'm Louis." I smile. 

"Pleased to meet you." I say, and hear my name. 

"Y/n! Y/n! Where the hell did you go?" I turn around to see my friend Amber walking along the outside of the colloseum. 

"Ah shit, I've got to go." I say, and he nods. I slide off his jacket, and go to hand it back, but he pushes it away. 

"Keep it, gives me a reason to see you again." He winks at me, and I giggle a little bit. Wow, not cool. He chuckles, and pulls out his phone. 

"What's your number love." He asks, and I give it to him, when my friends arrives at my side. 

"Well well who do we have here?" She asks, and I slap her arm, but Louis only laughs. 

"I'll see you around y/n." With one final wink, he turns and walks away. I wrap his jacket around my shoulders again, and walk inside glad that I let my friend drag me to the punk rock concert after all.

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